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4 Types of Novelists — Which One Are You?

12 Questions About Your NaNoWriMoPlans

40 Words and Phrases to Search-and-Destroy When Self-Editing

Are You Embarrassed to Talk About Your Book?

Are You Reading Enough?

Daily Routines of Great Writers

How Do I Market Myself Pre-Book Release?

How To Keep Writing Even When You Hate Your StoryBlog - What If Someone Steals Your Story Idea (Pinterest)

How To Self-Edit Your Manuscript — My Process

More Thinking, Less Writing?

Realm Makers – How to be Involved in a Conference You Can’t Attend

Should a Fiction Author Blog?

Should Authors Write Book Reviews?

Sorry, But You Can’t Be A Writer And A Perfectionist

What if Someone Steals Your Story Idea?

What Do You Do if Your Novel is Hopeless?

Writing a Sequel

For Readers

10 Ways To Have a Bookworm Christmas

4 Types of Book Reviewers — Which One Are You?

6 Gifts to Give Your Favorite Author Without Leaving Your Desk

2014 Reading Challenges

10 Items on My Fiction Bucket List

Can a “Spiritual High” From Christian Fiction Be Dangerous?

Can You Guess the Title For Book 3?

I Didn’t Write My Book With the Gospel Message

Join My Street Team!

Music Behind “A Time to Die”

National Buy a Book Day (Sep 7th) 2014

Six Powerful Books that Changed My Life

What Books Are You Reading in 2015?

What is “Dystopian”?

What Is Your Autumn Reading List? (2015)

What Makes You Buy A Book?

Would You Eat a Fried Tarantula? (Author Q & A)

Why Book Three is NOT Titled: A Time to Live


For Life

Dear Teenager. . .I See You

Does Anyone Even Read the Bible Anymore?

Do You Believe Your Life Can Be Epic?

Do You Remember to Look Back?

Sometimes, I’m a Quitter

What Do You Fear?

Why I Don’t Want to Die Yet

Why I’m Glad Walter Mitty’s Life is No Longer a Secret

Your “Age” Is Defined By Your Attitude…Not A Number

Personal Stories

16 Items on My Life Bucket List

Adventuring Author — Dogsledding

Adventuring Author — The Story of a Sea Cook

Adventuring Author — Logbook of a Sea Cook [Part 1]

Adventuring Author — Logbook of a Sea Cook [Part 2]

Adventuring Author — Merry Christmas, Russia! I’m Headed Your Way

Adventuring Author — Russia: How Hubby Got on Board

Adventuring Author — Russia Report

Adventuring Author — Transiting the Panama Canal

God Answered My Prayer with $1.4 Million Dollars & a New Bible

How I Became a Freelance Editor

How I Met My Husband

How I Became a Marcher Lord

How I Met My Husband

How the Divergent Movie Affected My Writing

If I Had One Year Left to Live

Just Because I’m an Editor, Doesn’t Mean I Have Thick Skin

My 2014 Writing Goals

My Author Story (Part 1) — Young Pride & Passion

My Author Story (Part 2) — When God Told Me Not to Write

My Author Story (Part 3) — A Time to Die

My Response to the Sale of Marcher Lord Press

My Writing Process (Blog Hop)

Of the Persecuted, By Angie Brashear — A Prayer, A Friendship, and a Fantasy Novel

“Yer A Wizard, Nadine” — A Potential Future With Theme Parks?


10 Truths & 2 Lies

10 Truths & 2 Lies – Take Two

10 Truths & 2 Lies – Take Three

How Do You Valentine’s Day?

I’m Not Posting on My Blog Today

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things (2015)


Baby Jesus, I’m Done Celebrating Your Birthday

Being Skinny vs Being Healthy

Death Reigns…No More — Guest Post by Gillian Bronte Adams

Do The Orphans Know It’s Christmas?

Should Books Have Content Ratings?

“There’s Nothing Godly About Patriotism”

The Underdog Story — Guest Post by Katie Clark

What My “Foreign” Mom Taught Me About Thanksgiving

What’s the Point of Christmas Ornaments?

Why Doesn’t Scripture Stick?

Wives, Your Hubby is Christ…But You Are The Church

Author Announcements

A Time to Die — Christy Award Finalist!

I Have a Literary Agent!

Inventions You’re Not Sure You Want…From The Out of Time Series

It’s Release Day for A Time to Speak! But I Have Some Tragic News

Release Date for A Time to Die!

Release Day! — A Time to Die E-Book

Release Day! — A Time to Die Paperback

Official Title For Book Two and Sneak Peek!

Will You Be on My Launch Team?

Writing Update: Can You Guess the Title of Book Two?

Movie/Book Reviews

Cinderella-155 Fall/Christmas Movies to Be Excited About in 2015

Another Cinderella Story…And Why I Loved It

Dystopian Review: Breeder, by Casey Hays

Dystopian Review: Divergent Series & Movies

Dystopian Review: Hunger Games Series

Exodus: Gods and Kings — Bellyflop

What Book Do You Most Want to See on the Big Screen?

My Books

Inside the Book (A Time to Die): ~Emotigraphs~

Inside the Book (A Time to Die): ~The Clocks~The Clocks

Inside the Book (A Time to Die): ~Ivanhoe~

Inside the Book (A Time to Die): ~Unity Village~

Inside the Book (A Time to Die): ~Meet Skelley Chase~

Inside the Book (A Time to Die): ~Meet Willow~

Inside the Book (A Time to Die): ~Meet Parvin~

Inside the Book (A Time to Die): ~Meet Jude~

Which Character Would You Valentine’s Day With?


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