Can You Guess The Title of Book 3?

If you’ve been following me on social media at all, you’ll notice that I’m revealing the title for book 3, one clue at a time. I was going to wait until January to start this scavenger hunt of sorts. Part of me likes keeping the secret all to myself. *evil laugh* But a larger part of me just wants to scream it from the rooftops — tell you the title, tell you the first line, tell you the whole plot. So, to quell my own impatience and to keep my readers from murdering me for the cliffhanger at the end of A Time to Speak…I’ve started a game.

Here’s how it works:

  • You complete a task
  • I reveal a clue to the title.
  • You make a guess at the title.
  • You complete another task.
  • I reveal another clue.
  • You make another guess. 😉

And so on, and so forth, until I’ve revealed the whole title. Thus far, I revealed task #1 (reach 1,000 FB likes) and you guys dominated that in less than a week.

Clue #1 Prompt - Book 3

Thus, my faithful subjects were rewarded with a clue:

Clue #1

Each task and then clue will be pinned to the top of my social media pages (Facebook and Twitter) as well as posted on Instagram.

But what if you guess correctly?

Mwahaha! You shall not be kept in ignorance! Here’s how the guessing works:

  • You are allowed to guess one title per post. If you guess more than one, then I shall only count the first guess.
  • If you guess incorrectly, I won’t tell you. (Aren’t I mean?)
  • If you guess correctly…I will send you a private message with a special gift. Mwahah! You will, of course, be sworn to secrecy until the title is fully revealed. And you’ll be one of the lucky few who knows the title before the rest of the world!

As of this morning, my wonderful followers and fans have….unlocked the next clue! (My, this is going fast.) They did this by having 30 new people add Book 3 to their Goodreads “to read” list. So I’ve revealed the new clue on my Twitter. Go see if you can guess correctly now! 🙂 For those of you without a Twitter, here’s the clue and you can guess below:

Clue #2

So, since we’re talking about book 3 and you’re probably (hopefully?) getting as excited about it as I am, here are some…

Book 3 Updates:

Aside from revealing the title this month, here’s where I’m at with book 3:

  • Edits: I’ll be receiving the giant, tear-my-heart-out edits from my editor any second. Like…today. Maybe I’ve even received them in between my pressing “publish” and you reading this (and am now weeping in a corner somewhere.)
  • Timeline: Then I’ll be applying the edits now until the end of January. Am I nervous? (Need you even ask?) Um…YES!
  • Chocolate: I’ve stocked up on chocolate (is this even valid enough to be a bullet point?)
  • Cover: I expect, once the edits are done, I’ll start discussing the cover with the designer. *squeal!* We’ve already chatted a bit about it and I can already say…it’s going to be awesome.
  • Release Date: Book 3 is scheduled for Fall 2016. But to ease the pain of waiting, I’ll be continuing all these fun games like title reveals and sneak peeks and hints. Much more than I’ve done with prior books. The best place to keep up on those is via my newsletter.

In other news, I’ve started putting together proposals for…*gasp*…new ideas! EEEE! I’m very excited to write those books (though I’m already having Parvin-withdrawals.) Your prayers are greatly appreciated, mostly that God will put the books in the hands of the right editors and publishers.

What update are you most excited about? Title reveal? Cover reveal? Or new book ideas?

Oh yes, and what is your guess for book 3’s title? Share in the comments!




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  1. Retweeted @cagould15
    Is it A Time to Love?

    Looking forward to the cover reveal! I love book covers.

  2. Hope Brockway

    A Time to Live?

  3. Is it A Time to Rise?

  4. A Time to Live

  5. I reckon ‘A Time To Live’.

  6. A Time to Live?

  7. Savannah McPhail

    A Time for War

    • You got it right! Yes! It’s A Time to Rise! *squeal* I just announced it officially on Monday and you should have an e-mail with a little “bragging rights” photo to share if you want. 😉

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