2014 Reading Challenges

I’ve just discovered the world of reading challenges on the blogosphere.

Have you known about these?

Apparently, there’s an entire virtual world of challenges that encourage reading — reading in different genres, different age groups, different time periods, etc. The varieties are endless! I summary, a reading challenge is a goal to read a certain amount of books or type of books within the year 2014. Often there are sign ups to keep each other accountable and giveaways. Sometimes there’s a requirement to include a review on Goodreads or your blog.

So, in my state of ecstatic discovery, I have put together a pinterest board of 2014 reading challenges. Not only that, but I am entering a few of them myself! Here’s why:

One of the most frequent pieces of advice I read or hear from older and wiser authors is, “Keep writing and keep reading.

I’m not too diligent with the keep reading side of things, despite my consistent desire to jump into new worlds through the portal of paper. The past several months I’ve made reading more of a priority. My husband and I replaced one of our movie nights with reading night so that I can at least count on one night a week behind a book.

It’s made a difference, both in my writing diligence and the activity of my imagination. In my opinion, these reading challenges are good both for readers and writers. The best thing is, it’s never too late to sign up! Most of them have a sign up date of December 2014. I’ve posted a new page with the challenges I’ve joined.

Here are five challenges I particularly like (find more on my Pinterest.)




With the Check Off Your Reading List Challenge 2014 you make your own list of books you hope to read in 2014. Any genre, any amount!


**this challenge requires small book review posts after reading completion in order to participate. This can be done on Goodreads or a blog.






The And So It Begins Reading Challenge has a goal to read seven (7) books that are the first of a series over the course of the 2014 year.


**this challenge requires small book review posts after reading completion in order to participate. This can be done on Goodreads or a blog.






The A Year of Re-Reading Challenge is your opportunity to revisit some of those favorite books you’ve been missing. You can set your own level of reading (1-4 books or 10+)





Reading Challenge 2

 Then of course, there is always the Goodreads reading challenge. My goal for the year? 40 books. The best part is, many of these reading challenges can overlap.




The 2014 Series Challenge: Finish your chosen number of book series’ in one year. (There are PRIZES involved in this one!) The series must be at least 2 books long.


*A star rating is required for participation (and proof of having read the series.)





So have at it, my friends. Explore the challenges or just make your own. Either way, commit to reading this year. Your imagination will thank you. A reading challenge I would love to create someday is a challenge to read books to my children (or even my husband — we do that quite often.)

Have you entered or set up your own reading challenges for this year? Do you want to? Share in the comments!



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