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Follow me. For the next two months, we will wander onto the unknown paths of A Time to Die. I expect we’ll meet new characters, foreign places, wondrous inventions, and maybe a little danger…


Invention Exploration #2 — Emotigraphs


What happens when you mix a photograph with an emotion?

That’s the question that spurred the invention of the emotigraph. It’s high technology that’s become commonplace in the USE. It starts with a camera that gathers information from your body with the prick of a needle and some other special signal technology. Don’t ask me, I’m not the inventor.

I just sell the emotigraphs to whoever steps foot in my store.

Let me tell you, emotigraphs changed the world. Imagine being able to walk into a shop and purchase happiness. (Tweet this) Press a button and voila! You’re happy. For a shutterstock_145322698moment, at least. The emotions last only twenty seconds or so.

Doctors started using them as prescriptions for depression, anxiety, and the like. That, of course, opened more job opportunities. People get hired for their emotions — hired to create a desired emotion and then document it with an emotigraph that will then be sold. Wouldn’t you like to be paid to be happy? To be adventurous? To be brave, caring, or peaceful?

I know I would.

It makes sense. We all love drama. Emotions. We love to feel. It all started with the first camera — we got a taste of what it meant  to capture a moment. Now, with an emotigraph, you can capture a feeling. (Tweet this)

So tell me, what emotigraph do you want right now? Or perhaps you want a sentra. A sentra is the device that takes the emotigraph, kind of like a camera only cameras are so outdated. Maybe you’re the person who wants to have a sentra to document all those happy feelings — the emotion you had when you saw your newborn child for the first time, or that emotion you had on your wedding day, or the hope you felt when you started your first big job…I can help you there.

Just step into my store and take a look! Any questions?





If you could have an emotigraph of any emotion (or take your own emotigraph of a certain time in your life) what would it be? 

What else do you want to learn about emotigraphs?


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  1. When I read about this in “A Time to Die” I thought they were SUPER amazing! I bragged about it to my husband in how cool it would be to actually have one! I think it would be really interesting to get someone’s emotion as they are jumping off a cliff or hiking Mount Everest!

    • Wow! I didn’t even think of that! There are SO many possibilities with emotigraphs. We’ll be seeing a lot more of them in book two. 😉 Glad you liked them, Laura! 😀

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