Which Character from the Out of Time Series Would You Spend Valentine’s Day With?

In lieu of Valentine’s Day, I thought it’d be fun to share how each of the characters from the Out of Time Series might tackle the rabidly pink “holiday.” And, because I haven’t done a post on my books in a while, I hoped it’d be a nice change from the typical blog posts I do. (As though anything I do is typical #i’mtoodorky)

Oh, and this post is spoiler free! (Though it’ll make more sense if you actually know who the characters are. 😛 )

Parvin would write a letter to her guy, trying to put her thoughts into words and would ultimately be dissatisfied with the letter, but would give it anyway. Then she’d over-think every word for the next several days.

Jude would have zero plans for Valentine’s Day until the night before, when he’d stay up all night long inventing something cool and rare and techy and give that as a gift.

Solomon would spend it thinking of all the people who have poured love into his and Parvin’s life and they’d end up having a wonderful evening of memories and reminiscing. Then he’ll take her to a restaurant that serves the best coffee and some special dish that neither of them have tried before.

Fanart of Willow, Parvin, & Solomon by @watersnail1 on Instagram

Elm would think Valentine’s Day is stupid. “I show Willow I love her every day.” But he’d still probably take her on a walk through the prettiest part of the forest and she’d giggle and he’d crack a smile (as long as no one else is around.)

Willow would create a game or come up with a story to tell Elm for Valentine’s Day. He, of course, would value every word of it. Willow would make him promise to take her on an adventure once they grafted.

fanart of Willow by @watersnail1

Mother wouldn’t bother with such nonsense. Not because she doesn’t enjoy a day of celebration, but because celebration often means extra costs for things they don’t have or need. Since she’s never been good with words, she’ll just make Father a nice meal.

Father would of course carve something for Mother from his woodshop–a new stirring spoon or a new set of mugs. As long as the gift is practical.

Tawny would try to ignore Valentine’s Day altogether, but Mother would force her to come out and join them for dinner. In the evening, Tawny’ll go through Reid’s letters from when they were dating and she’ll be surprised to find that, instead of making her sad, they’ll make her laugh.

Reid would spend the entire day before out in the market buying little things or making trinkets like a wooden ring or purchasing ribbons or a handful of buttons or taking emotigraphs from all his happiest moments with the girl he loves. Then he’d toss them all in a basket and hand them over the night before Valentine’s Day because he can’t stand waiting. (He’d also have a basket of goodies for Mother and Parvin–Mother would find them impractical, but she’d love them. Parvin would squeal and cherish them while feeling guilty for not getting Reid something.)

Skelley Chase doesn’t really have a reason (nor desire) to celebrate Valentine’s Day, so he’d probably spend it working. Just like any other day. Although he would send his mother a card and an emotigraph of someone enjoying a warm day in a garden.

Fanart of Skelley Chase by Angel Roman

Elan Brickbat doesn’t even know when Valentine’s Day is, he hates pink, and he’ll yell at anyone who dares say anything sappy.

Kaphtor has never celebrated a Valentine’s Day before and frankly it’s more intimidating to him than getting shot in the leg. (Not like that’s ever happened. *ahem*) But he’d get some advice from friends–in a manly way–and probably end up buying a single rose for his girl.

Frenchie (Angelique) would not ask for much, but she’d hope for something romantic and magical. So much so, in fact, that she’d plan a lovely getaway for her and her man (we know who that is.) She’d take him to her favorite shops–not to buy things but to spend time together window shopping and chattering about life in France. Then she’d end the evening with a nice French meal (but she’s a terrible cook, but her man will never tell her that.)

Fanart of Jude, Parvin, Solomon, Skelley, Elm, & Willow by Olivia Rose. <3

There you have it! In case you were curious about the romantic sides (or the very anti-romantic sides) of Parvin and crew, now you know. 😀

So tell me, who–from this list–would you most like to spend Valentine’s Day with?

How do you think your favorite character (from any book) would celebrate V-Day?



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  1. Hannah Gaudette

    To be honest, I would totally spend it with either Jude or Elm. They’re both cool. And if I had to pick someone from another book . . . hmm . . . maybe Brandi from the Blades of Acktar. 🙂 She’d probably liven any Valentines Day quite a bit.

  2. Jude no question! It’s no secret about my literary crush. He’s totally my kind of guy. Tech! If my husband is going to drop $100+ on me (not for Valentine’s Day; we’re in the $10 range with VDay gifts), it will have rechargeable batteries and/or a USB.
    However, Solomon wins for dream date. Coffee and exotic food.

  3. Hmmmmmmmm
    Of course i’m like Parvin in that letter sense…..but hanging out with Solomon would be pretty amazing

  4. Honestly, I’d just be happy to hang out with Parvin on any day. She’s sort of a role model for me. 😉

    But what would Cap be doing on Valentine’s Day? Anything special for his goats?

    • Ah, Cap! and what’s the girl reporter’s name I forgot

      • Gabbie Kenard! She’d be sitting in her apartment secretly hoping that one of the new reporters from The Daily Hemisphere (who doesn’t actually know she exists) would ask her on a date. But he doesn’t (again, because he doesn’t have a clue) so she’ll cross the street to the nearest restaurant and treat herself, while chatting the night away with the waiter. 😉

    • Awwww.
      Cap would totally be spending Valentine’s Day with his goats. He’d make them little clover cakes and brush each of them down. And he’d be tempted to bring them inside for the evening because it would probably be cold out. But he knows they’d really be more comfortable outside in their pens.

  5. It would most likely be Mother. A nice meal at home sounds perfect. 🙂 Hm one of my favorite books is Rebirth by Amy Brock McNew. I think Liz and Ry would most likely try to go out for a nice dinner with plans to snuggle back at the house, only to end up fighting demons that night and winning. 😉

  6. This has got to be the best post EVER.
    I LOVE this!!!!!!!!
    But how to choose? 😉 Solomon is taken, so… I’d like to have a conversation with Parvin or *cough* Skelley.
    Brickbat’s was funny!

  7. JUDE. Just… Jude. <33 (and he is my favorite character of ever so you just told me what he'd do ;D)

  8. Solomon! (if I wasn’t already married ‘wink” or Reid. I love Reid. He reminds me of my brother. I wish we had gotten to know him soo much more.

  9. Definitely Jude! <3

    I feel like I'm a mix of Elan and Elm, but maybe because I'm only 15… (Okay, I still have a couple weeks. But whatever. 😉 )

    Speaking of Valentines Day (I'm a little late reading all your posts … oops XD ) what did you end up watching on V-Day?

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