10 Truths & 2 Lies – TAKE THREE!

[Update on 03/29/2017: The answers are at the bottom, for those who guessed! Winners will receive an email.]

Well friends, I’m traveling again which means the blog must fend for itself while I’m gone. In the past–sometimes when I travel I do this little thing called “10 Truths and 2 Lies“…and it is that time again.

Are you ready to win stuff?!

Here’s how the game works:

I will provide a list of 12 facts about myself. Two of those facts…are LIES. Identify both the lies in your comment (you get only one guess!) then when I come back from my trip the winner(s) will receive an envelope of bookish swag with a note from me, AND…an ebook of their choice from my series.

You can see the past two 10 Truths 2 Lies posts here and here. Are you ready to see how well you know me? (Tweet this) Here we go:

  1. I’ve held a tarantula
  2. My hair is naturally straight
  3. I have gone ziplining
  4. I’ve read the Harry Potter series every single year since they came out.
  5. I’ve eaten polar bear meat
  6. I’m right handed
  7. I have four siblings
  8. I’m ticklish
  9. Bacon makes me sick.
  10. I can do a backflip
  11. I’ve crashed a motorcycle
  12. I was held back a grade in math.

Also, if you ever want to participate or do you own, use the hashtag #10truths2lies on social media so I can find your blog post and guess on your lies! The answers will be revealed in next week’s blog post!

Your turn:

Tell me 2 truths and 1 lie below and see if I can guess! 😀


Now, for the answers:

Are you ready to see if you were right?













4.) I’ve read the Harry Potter series every year since they came out.

This is a lie, though I admit it was a cruel one for me to tell, because I know a lot of you know I’m a fan of Harry Potter, but even I don’t have the time to read them all every year! I usually get through a few here and there, but never the whole series.

5.) I’ve eaten polar bear meat

Definitely not! I don’t even know where people would do that sort of thing. LOL. But I have eaten fermented shark. (don’t ask…)




About Nadine Brandes

Nadine Brandes is an adventurer, fusing authentic faith with bold imagination. She never received her Hogwarts letter, but rest assured she’s no Muggle (and would have been in Ravenclaw House, thank you very much.) This Harry Potter super-nerd has been known to eat an entire package of Oreos (family size) by herself, and watches Fiddler on the Roof at least once a year. She writes about brave living, finding purpose, and other worlds soaked in imagination. Her dystopian trilogy (The Out of Time Series) challenged her to pursue shalom, which is now her favorite word (followed closely by bumbershoot.) When Nadine’s not taste-testing a new chai or editing fantasy novels, she and her knight-in-shining armor (nickname: “hubby”) are out pursuing adventures.

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  1. I think the two lies are that you’ve eaten polar bear meat, and bacon makes you sick.
    How could anyone not like bacon?? 😉

  2. I’m guessing … you don’t have four siblings and you’re not ticklish? (7 and 8 are lies?)

    Now here are mine:
    1. I went to art school in Chicago.
    2. I once went from Ft. Lauderdale to Bimini in a 20-foot boat.
    3. I have read War & Peace.
    4. I have gone scuba diving with sharks and no cage.
    5. I am allergic to Brussels sprouts.
    6. I turned 50 last year.
    7. I was introduced to Michael Jordan and didn’t know who he was.
    8. I’m a water ski champion.
    9. I have the same genetic disease as Hemingway.
    10. I was a vegetarian for 15 years.
    11. My mother-in-law fed my 1-year-old vegetarian son an entire pork chop.
    12. I once paddled my open kayak into an alligator nest.


    Have a great trip!!

  3. Ooooh *thinks hard* I have no idea but I’m going to pick number 2 and 9 as the lies.
    Hope your travels go well! <3

  4. I HAVE NO IDEA. But i’m gonna take a guess at 6 & 9 (because…. bacon).

    Here are my 2 truths and 1 lie:
    Panic at the Disco is my comfort music.
    I wrote about the carcass of a chicken when i was eleven.
    I’m obsessed shipping my friends.

    • Both are truths! Though as a kid I always wished I was left handed. And sadly, my stomach just can’t handle bacon (though I do enjoy the taste..for a nibble here and there.)

      Okay is your lie…Panic at the Disco?

  5. My guess is… #7 and #10?

  6. Six and ten are my guess…?

    Here we go: I hate avocado, my dream is to have a German Shepherd, and I’ve never read a contemporary romance that I liked.

    • Nope, both are true! Thanks for guessing though!

      I’m going to guess….contemporary romance? Because there are some good ones out there! I just know it! And I can’t bear the idea of you hating avocados. 😛

  7. #10 and #12

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  9. 5 and 7??

    These are always SO hard because you totally do all that crazy stuff!

    • You got one right! I have NOT eaten polar bear meat, but I do have four siblings. 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoy these! I have fun coming up with the truths, though I’m running out of good ones. 😉

  10. I guess 5 and 9 are lies.

  11. Ooh this is fun ! Umm I know you’re right handed and you are four siblings (from your feed). You’re adventurous so zip lining is a possibility. I’d say you have lied about polar bear meat and bacon😁

  12. 5 and 10 are my guesses.

    I live on a sandbar
    I touched an elephant
    I have six siblings

  13. Um… I’m going to guess that three and seven are lies. *nods* It’s really hard with some of these facts, but there was a couple I knew beforehand. xD It was awesome. I really like when you do these. xP

    Okay, mine are:
    1. I hate pink. Every shade of pink. Blech.
    2. When I was little I wanted to be a singer.
    3. I visited New York when I was four years old.

  14. I think the two lies are: 5) I’ve eaten polar bear meat. 7) I have four siblings.

  15. 5 & 9 or 7 & 12… I’ll go with 7 & 12! 😊

    Okay – 2 truths, 1 lie

    1. I’ve stayed at the Luxor in Vegas
    2. I’ve swam with a dolphin
    3. I’ve met Jane Seymour

  16. I’m gonna guess 5 and 7. It was so difficult to choose! Haha

    Here goes nothing: 😁

    1. I’ve ridden an elephant
    2. I love cottage cheese
    3. As a child, I always wanted to be a Firefighter.

  17. Number six and 10 are my guesses! 🙂

  18. My guess is 6 and 10 are lies 🙂

  19. I’m guessing your lies are:
    4. I’ve read the Harry Potter every single year since they came out.
    8. I’m ticklish

    Here are mine:
    1. I currently own eight pairs of boots
    2. I’m allergic to potatoes
    3. I can’t drink black coffee

  20. Ahh 10 and 4 so many of these are weird…… There Are a few I know are true but not enough not to have to take a guess.

    Okay two truths and one lie:

    1. I really like bacon but don’t eat it
    2. I teach scripture
    3. I play violin

  21. So, unless someone was missing in that Christmas picture on your Twitter, no. 7 is a lie…and I feel like no. 4 might be a lie as well? Not because you’re not a huge Harry Potter fan(I know you are), but the first book came out 20 years ago and you probably would have been a small child at that point.

    (also, I think you meant to say “the Harry Potter series”, not just “the Harry Potter”?)

  22. From memory you are one of four, so #7 is a lie. Now I’m tossing between #10 or #12 haha but I’ll go with #10!

    So #7 and #10

  23. This was really hard, but I think I am going with 6 & 9!


    1. Hunger Games is my favorite series.
    2. I love tea more than coffee.
    3. I’ve been out of the country before.

  24. Ok so my guess is your lies are number 4 and 5.

    Your turn 😉

    1) I can’t sing
    2) I’m a LOTR superfan, but never read through the whole series
    3) I’ve never had a boyfriend

  25. Hannah Rodriguez

    My guess is that 6 and 10 are the lies xD

    • Good try, but no! 😛 Those are both true! (Though when I was a kid I always wished I was left handed!)

      I’ve posted the correct answers in the blog post above if you want to know!

  26. Okay, I’m going to say that the two lies are:
    -I’ve read the Harry Potter every single year since they came out.
    -I’ve eaten polar bear meat

    As for me, guess which is a lie 🙂
    -I took ballet lessons
    -I lived in Italy
    -I went scuba diving in the Bahamas

  27. 4 and 7

    • You guessed one correctly! #4 was a lie — I have NOT read the HP Series every year since they came out. Bravo! But you needed to guess both to win. Still, I hope you had fun!

      I’ve posted the correct answers in the blog post above if you’re interested!

  28. 7 and 11 are my guesses for lies 😉

    • Good try but….both are true! (Though I really wish I HADN’T crashed my dad’s motorcycle. 😉 It was so pretty! Still, there were no injuries.)

      I’ve posted the correct answers in the blog post above if you’re interested!

  29. Hannah Gaudette

    Hmmmmmm . . . I’m going to say 2 and 7 are the lies. I really have no idea!

    Here’s mine:
    1 – I live on an off-grid homestead.
    2 – I hate apple cider.
    3 – I adopted a stray cat.

    Any ideas???

  30. Alice Farrelly

    1. I’ve held a tarantula – True (Newsletter)
    2. My hair is naturally straight – Maybe true…
    3. I have gone ziplining – True
    4. I’ve read the Harry Potter every single year since they came out. – True (based on the Goodreads “finished reading” list)
    5. I’ve eaten polar bear meat – Lie?
    6. I’m right handed – True (Photo)
    7. I have four siblings – True (Blog)
    8. I’m ticklish – True
    9. Bacon makes me sick. – Maybe
    10. I can do a backflip – ????
    11. I’ve crashed a motorcycle – True (Blog)
    12. I was held back a grade in math. – ???

    I’m going to go with 5 and 10…

    • You are such a sleuth!!! Very close, but only one guess was correct.
      5 = a lie (bravo!)
      10 = true! I can do a backflip.

      The other lie was #4, which I do feel bad that Goodreads led you wrong. As much as I’ve always wished I had, I have not read the series every single year. *sigh*

      I love all the research you did with this! It totally made my day!

  31. Oh man, this is hard! I’m going to go with 5 and 12, but I’ll probably be completely wrong. XD (Although I think polar bear meat is dangerous to eat so that’s one reason I’m going with that. :P)

    Here are mine (even though you don’t know me really; you can just guess XD):
    1. I’ve been sick on every major holiday
    2. I once slammed my head in a car door
    3. I’ve eaten a scorpion lollipop before

    By the way, do you mind if I so this on my blog sometime? It looks like a lot of fun. 😀

  32. Can I try this on my Facebook page?

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