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Character Interview #1 — Jude



Welcome to my blog, Jude. I’m quite thrilled to have you here. I know how busy your schedule can be.

Good sunrise. Thanks for having me. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a functioning blog. Have you ever considered using an X-book journal to send to followers? It’s the twenty-second century, after all.

Er…well, I can’t say I know what an X-book is. I didn’t know blogs were so out-of-date. But let’s move on, shall we? Tell us a little about yourself.

You’re not friends with the Council, are you?

Um, no.

Okay then. I don’t usually share too much about myself, but since you asked…I’m an inventor. I come from a long line of inventors. I had hoped to continue that line but…well, I don’t think that will be my future.

An inventor? Really? What is your favorite invention?

That’s easy — the tune chip. It’s not something I invented, but I’d be lost without it. A tune chip is a device inserted into your skull and paired with your brain and inner ear. It plays music to match your mood and only you can hear it. The tune chip creates songs from inexhaustible algorithms so everything you hear is new — never been heard before.

Wow, you really know a lot about that.

Yeah, sorry. Sometimes I get carried away. I…really like technology.

Hey, I think it’s fascinating. But here’s a more personal question for you: What is your greatest fear?

That my inventions will make the world a darker place than it already is, instead of bringing light.

Earlier, you seemed a little wary about the Council. Who is the Council? Why do you mistrust it?

I feel like you’re setting me up.

Oh, no. I’m not. I’m just curious.

. . .hmm.

*ahem* Okay. Well, let’s hit the romance front before we say goodbye. Parvin Blackwater. Is there…anything there?

I don’t know. We’ve only just met, but…I like to think there could be, or there could have been. I suppose it’s up to her, really. I don’t have much right to pursue her.

Why do you say that?

*shrugs* I don’t have time for a relationship.

That’s no reason to leave a pretty girl hanging!

In a world where Clocks tell us how many hours and seconds we have left…time is everything. At least, it is for most people. I guess we’ll see.

I expect you to keep me updated. How can my readers contact you?

Through my nanobook. I’ll answer when I can but I’m trying to lay low for a while. No guarantees.

Thanks for taking the time to let me interview you. We hope you’ll stop by again!

Tally ho.




What would you like to know about Jude? I’ll see if I can contact him through his nanobook while he travels to get an answer for you. Ask in the comments!


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  1. I like Jude. I didn’t realize he was so dreamy when I was reading. 😉

    • Ha! Neither did I! It’s tough looking for pictures of my guy characters…or any characters for that matter. They all look like models. But they sure make my Pinterest board look nice. 😉

  2. Hi, Jude!! I’m such a fan of yours! I’m wondering what were you like as a kid? What was your first ever invention? Did you have a mentor who encouraged you? Who was an example of a hero to you in your life? What kinds of things would you write about in a journal? What’s your favorite food? And, what’s your favorite thing about Parvin? Thanks for the interview!

    • Hello CC, I finally heard back from Jude. Here’s what he has to say:

      What were you like as a kid?
      I guess you could call me a tinkerer. I tinkered with things, figuring out how mechanisms worked. I was the trouble-maker, dragging Mom and Dad to places I wanted to go — particularly the orphanage. That’s where most of my friends were.

      What was your first ever invention? Honestly, I can’t say. They all started at once, really. Some are never finished, some are finished but don’t work. I couldn’t pinpoint which one came first.

      Did you have a mentor who encouraged you? Who was an example of a hero to you in your life? My great-grandfather, though he wasn’t around very long. Both a mentor and a hero. He got me started on inventions.

      What kinds of things would you write about in a journal? Not a fan of journaling. I don’t like putting my information or emotions somewhere permanent.

      What’s your favorite thing about Parvin? *grin* Don’t know if I can narrow it down to just one. For now, I’ll say her spunk. She’s not afraid to challenge people, to question them. I hope that never changes.

      Tally ho.

  3. This is so fun, but I too, didn’t see him as such a looker while I was reading….poor Parvin, the temptation! 😉

  4. I love this concept of interviewing a character! So neat. Love this post.

  5. What a tech-savvy guy! 🙂

I love hearing from you!