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Follow me. For the next two months, we will wander onto the unknown paths of A Time to Die. I expect we’ll meet new characters, foreign places, wondrous inventions, and maybe a little danger…


Location Exploration #1 — Unity Village




8bb12e7154b065973594c8a7327c21b7Welcome to Unity Village! Did you arrive by train? You know, the government upgraded the Lower Missouri Transit to a carbon-fiber train only a couple years ago. It has high-energy crash absorption, so it’s quite safe.

But don’t let me bore you with details. I know it’s been a long ride and you’ve probably spent enough time on that train to educate me about it. I’m sure you’re hungry. Let’s go to the market.


The market happens every Saturday and sometimes a smaller one will take place on the weekdays. Bring your own bag with which to take your purchases home, otherwise you’ll have to buy one.

Don’t pay any attention to the wooden platform behind the market booths. That’s where the Enforcers. . .well. . .it’s not a pleasant thing to talk about. *Ahem!* Let’s look at the wares, shall we?

Market Day

The currency here is a bit different than what you’re used to. We use a world-wide currency called specie. Here in Low Cities, we use the coin-version, but High Cities do everything electronically. We don’t have much electricity here in Low Cities, but…I’m getting off track. You need specie, here use some of mine. Feel free to use it at the market or even go sill-trading! What? You’ve never sill-traded before? Oh, it’s easy. Anything you see inside a window with a price card is for sale.

Do you like coffee? Aside from the county building, our local coffee shop, Faveurs, is the only building with electricity. They even have a French waitress! It’s the only taste of “class” we have in this town.

Faveurs 5. bigstock-Two-Cups-Cappuccino-And-Latte-45007630 - NAMED

Unity Village is a Low City, meaning we’re a bit on the poor side and some Radicals live here. I’ll tell you about Radicals next time. I don’t want to spoil your lunch. Parvin Blackwater, who you met a couple weeks ago, has grown up in Unity Village. While it’s a beautiful place, it’s not without its flaws. *Glances around* The Enforcers murder Radicals here.

Wait…you do have your Clock, right? We shouldn’t be here if you don’t…oh, you do? Phew!

Dear me, it looks like I may have spoiled your lunch after all. Sorry, we’ll steer clear of the fret and unpleasantries. In fact, how about you ask the questions and I’ll answer them?




What do you want to know about Unity Village? Would you ever live there? Tell me in the comments!


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  1. What’s school like in Unity Village? Is there a big building all the kids go to? Sounded like it from Parvin’s mentions in the book … What sorts of classes do the kids take?

    • It really depends on the children’s Clocks. If they have long Numbers, they’re allowed a place in school. There is a main building, but spots are limited.

      As for classes, they get a taste of the usual — writing, math, some science, but eventually the children leave to learn their family trade.

      Keep in mind, this is for Low Cities. Everything is different in High Cities. I’m sure we’ll learn more if we ever go visit a High City.

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