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When I started writing A Time to Die, I did not expect to end up researching things like nanotechnology, bioluminescent ink, implants, agriculture, or carbon-fiber trains. I wasn’t built with a science brain, yet once I started I couldn’t stop, especially when I found something worth incorporating into my book.

What really boggled my mind was when I came up with something, wrote it into the story, and then saw it actually announced on the news as a “new development” a few months or a year after I wrote it. (Perhaps I should have been an inventor…)

So, for the others out there who might find this as fascinating as I do, here’s a bit of my research. I’ll add some more once my book actually comes out so as not to ruin anything for you. [wink]



“Nanotechnology” might sound like a new concept, but humans have used nano materials for centuries before now, one example being in stained glass windows. The colors are the result of a controlled heating and cooling process that actually changes the crystal sizes in the glass.

Nanotechnology in brief is technology on a much much more intricate level–manipulating individual atoms. In my Time Series, I use a lot of nanotechnology. You’ll se a lot of different “chips” that do seemingly huge functions inside a human’s body. You’ll see a lot of inventions that may not seem too far-fetched (because they’re not.) But, because real experts do a much better job at explaining nanotechnology, I’ll refer to their knowledge.


In my book, they’re called medibots, but nanobots are a hypothetical concept that currently have a lot of theory behind them (but don’t yet exist.) They are tiny robots that can self-steer throughout a blood stream making repairs and guarding against infection. It’s suspected they might be used for molecular manufacturing (aka. reconstruction of materials) which could start curing diseases and injuries at all levels.

In my Time Series, medibots are invented, advanced, and functioning on the molecular level. There are different quality medibots depending on what city class a citizen lives in. Obviously High City citizens would use the most evolved medibots, but even hospitals near the Low Cities have a few medibots at their disposal.

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Solar-Powered Eyes

Even though this article was posted in 2009, it’s a cool concept/invention and I incorporated it into my Time Series under a futuristic invention called “Testimony Logs” where a person can record his or her entire life via contact lenses to go through at his/her convenience (and never forget anything!)

The article is quite short (just click on the picture to access it), but worth reading.



More to come after A Time to Die is released. Stay tuned via e-mail or my social media.

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