Why Don’t Authors Write Book Reviews?

Do you ever wonder why authors don’t usually write book reviews? Maybe they don’t read books. (Yeah,we hate those things.) Maybe they don’t have any opinions. (We…are…zombiiiiieeees) Maybe they don’t realize how important or awesome reviews are. (HA! As if…) Maybe they’re too scared. (Yeah, because writing books and having the … Continue reading

I Didn’t Write My Book With the Gospel Message

That’s right. The gospel message wasn’t my focus with A Time to Die. The curse of being an author of Christian fiction is that, no matter how you deliver the spiritual message, you’re going to get reviews that say, “It was so preachy! I was drowning!” and “There wasn’t enough spiritual focus. … Continue reading

4 Types of Book Reviewers — Which One Are You?

We all have opinions about reviews, whether we’re readers, non-readers, authors, or editors. I’ve been lectured on how reviews should be, or which people should write reviews (and which people should not. EVER. write. them.), what main points each should cover, or how they should be simple and honest. I’ve been told that … Continue reading

Should Authors Write Book Reviews?

Should I or shouldn’t I click the “two-star” button on that book rating? According to Goodreads, two stars means “It was ok.” And that’s exactly what I would say to someone in person if they asked what I thought of that book. Yet we all know a two-out-of-five-star rating is … Continue reading