Inventions You’re Not Sure You Want. . .From the Out of Time Series

Tech…technology. It’s one facet of my Out of Time books that people seem to love most. And, because you’ll discover quite a few new inventions in my upcoming sequel release, A Time to Speak, I thought we’d go exploring today. I’m going to introduce you to the tech inventions from books one … Continue reading

Exclusive Swag for A Time to Speak…for you!

UPDATE: This swag is no longer available. Thank you to all who pre-ordered!   Swag. It’s the cool thing right now (isn’t it?) You know, bookmarks, pins, stickers…all related to awesome books. Well, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon swagwagon and put together some AWESOMENESS for you. (Yes, you.) … Continue reading

Sneak Peek at A Time to Speak! (Hey, that rhymes!)

You asked for it. I heard you. So, today you get to… That’s right! Today I’m sharing with you the entire first chapter of A Time to Speak which releases exactly one month from today! (Tweet this) That’s only four weeks and two days! 720 hours! Who’s gonna count down with me? Bueller? Bueller? … Continue reading

Join my Launch Team! (A Time to Speak)

Who’s good at flying? How about throwing things really high into the air? Or shouting really loudly? You? Good, because it’s launch team time. [grin] I’m gathering all of those with flying super powers and with giant lungs for the Launch Team for A Time to Speak (which releases in just six weeks! *panic*). … Continue reading

Release Date for A Time to Speak!

You asked. I postponed, tried to distract you, procrastinated… …and you were rabidly patient with me. At last, I can reveal to you the release date for A Time to Speak! (Tweet this) But the advantage of being forced to wait so long in a cloud of vague “Autumn” references, is … Continue reading

Cover Reveal for A Time to Speak

We’ve just started summer, which means autumn is around the corner, which means A Time to Speak is releasing soon…which means it’s time for a cover reveal! The covers for the Out of Time Series are designed by Kirk DouPonce from DogEared Design and I couldn’t be more flattered to work with him. … Continue reading

Official Title for Book Two and Sneak Peek!

As promised on last week’s blog post, here’s the official title of book two! I draw all my titles from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. We’ve had some great guesses, but only a few people guessed correctly. So, without further ado, book two will be called… I wrestled with this title for a … Continue reading