FAWKES: Cover Reveal Time!!!

People. WE. HAVE. A. COVER. My new novel, Fawkes, is a historical fantasy retelling of The Gunpowder Plot. It releases from Thomas Nelson/HarperCollins next year! (squeal) Not only do I have a cover for you, but I also have the blurb, release date, and….PRE-ORDERS!!! But…I know you’re not able to concentrate. In … Continue reading

That Time I Signed A New Book Contract With Thomas Nelson/HarperCollins Christian Publishing

At long last I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU!!   Prepare yourself for several Fiddler on the Roof GIFs (can only be seen in the web browser–not in the email. So if you’re reading this in your e-mail click though to the blog for maximum GIF enjoyment). It is my favorite … Continue reading

A Time to Rise has a Release Date!

Well hey there, Ninjas! I’m off teaching at the One Year Adventure Novel conference right now (aka: eating pizza and hanging out with awesome cosplay bookworms.) So I’m going to keep this short. A Time to Rise officially has a release date!! I’ve been telling people, “Sometime in the fall” … Continue reading

A Time to Die – Christy Award Finalist!

Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt this weekly broadcast with a very important announcement. . . It’s the type of announcement that makes an author’s hands shake (can’t…type…!), that demands celebration tunes blasting through the kitchen, that makes an author freak out her parents when she states, “I have something to tell … Continue reading

Official Title for Book Two and Sneak Peek!

As promised on last week’s blog post, here’s the official title of book two! I draw all my titles from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. We’ve had some great guesses, but only a few people guessed correctly. So, without further ado, book two will be called… I wrestled with this title for a … Continue reading

Writing Update: Can You Guess the Title of Book Two?

Today I’m having a Facebook party to announce the title of book two! About the party: The party is a relaxed get together on Facebook to both celebrate the six-month anniversary of A Time to Die and to announced the title of the second book in the Out of Time Series. There will be giveaways, … Continue reading

I Have a Literary Agent!

If you were on my author Facebook page at all this week, you probably saw my posts hinting at a “big announcement.” In fact, you probably even tried to guess what that announcement might be! (*hint* agent *hint*) Two people guessed correctly (two authors, coincidentally): J. L. Mbewe and John Otte. I … Continue reading

My Author Story (Part 2) — When God Told Me Not to Write

This three-week series of sharing my author story, is in answer to Brent King’s question on my Ask Me Anything post: “I would be fascinated by your personal story…what fueled your passion for…writing and your desire to write.” Here is the author-side of that story. (You can read Part 1 here.)   I thought I … Continue reading