New Year, New Books, New Plans

Another year out and a new year in. I know that everyone and their pet candle is writing a “summary of 2017” or “look out 2018!” post….and I’m not even ashamed to be joining in. Why? Because it’s the new year and I honestly can’t think of what else I … Continue reading

How Do You Valentine’s Day?

In case you haven’t noticed all the pink monstrosities eating up every grocery store entrance…Valentine’s Day is upon us. ONE WEEK, PEOPLE! Social media will start spouting things about all the expectations that girls have and how all the guys are supposedly terrified of this “holiday.” So I’m going to step … Continue reading

Top 10 Bookish Items For Your Writing Space

  A writing space is sacred. It is where worlds are built, characters are born, and spells are cast from different handwriting. So I figured it’s about time I showed you my writing space, and the bookish items in it that inspire me. Last week we had company over so I cleaned my … Continue reading

10 Truths & 2 Lies – TAKE TWO!

Last time I was traveling, I did a fun filler post called 10 Truths & 2 Lies. Well, I’m traveling again! (Actually I just claim I’m traveling because this type of post was so much fun last time that I just really want to do it again.) This week I’m attending the Realm Makers … Continue reading

12 Assumptions Made About Authors

For those not in the author world, it’s tough to know what author lives are like. I remember back before I was in the author circles. I was a fangirl writing books just because I couldn’t breathe right unless I was writing. I imagined what an author life might look like — … Continue reading

10 Truths & 2 Lies

  As you know from my post last week, I’m currently traveling (aka. searching for Middle Earth) and I just couldn’t bring myself to skip a post. I JUST LIKE YOU ALL TOO MUCH! But this took some brainstorming. Because what should I post about when I’m not around? If it’s … Continue reading