Sometimes Book Deadlines Murder Your Blog Schedule

Why didn’t my blog post go out at the usual 5am this morning? Because I totally failed you all am on deadline. And sometimes you have to drop the ball in order to pick up a different one. That is all. 🙈   (I’d say “I’m sorry,” but I also … Continue reading

Stop Putting Off That Professional Edit

All the spaces are now filled! *hugs* Thank you, all! If you’re still interested in an edit, please visit my editorial services page and contact me to secure a spot. 🙂   Happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary, haaaaaaaaappy anniversary! 😛 Maybe it’s bad form to sing to myself on … Continue reading

$400 Copyedit Special

It’s Christmas! Okay…not really, but I’m going to pretend it is and I’m going to shower gifts and coupons on all my fellow authors! This week only, I’m offering a special fixed price on a copyedit for fiction manuscripts of any length! (Tweet this) What is a copyedit? A copyedit is one … Continue reading