Hard vs. Bad…Thoughts From a Tough-Weekend Survivor.

I had a hard weekend. As I shared that on my social media on Monday, I realized that I was about to get a wave of “I’m sorrys” from my sweet followers. And while I appreciate the comfort and encouragement and prayers, I wanted to clarify: A hard weekend doesn’t … Continue reading

That Time I Turned Into Gollum on the Train

I was taking the train from Portland to Seattle. A just-short-enough-but-just-long-enough 3.5 hour trip. I’d gotten my delicious chai, bought a new book about the Inklings, and allowed myself to imagine what the ride would be like. I planned to stare out the window the entire time, it was raining … Continue reading

A Time to Rise is HERE: Confessions of a Freaked-Out Author on Release Day

It’s here. It’s today. I have released A Time to Rise into the world. (Okay, so my publisher actually let it loose, but still…) I feel like a parent letting my kid go off to their first day of school and hoping that they find the right friends and avoid the bullies and … Continue reading

Writing With God is Inconvenient – (2016 ACFW Conference Recap)

I’ve rewritten the start of this post at least six times, mainly because I don’t know which direction I should take when summing up this year’s ACFW Conference. Should I be goofy and talk about how I accidentally hugged a complete stranger (oops)? Should I be excited and mention how … Continue reading

My Big Brother Changed My Life…And We’ve Never Even Met

How can a person you’ve never met change your life so drastically? My older brother, Nathan, passed away when he was three-and-a-half years old. I was born about 11 months later. Today, on June 8th, he would have turned 34. We never met, but… . . . that didn’t stop … Continue reading

10 Truths & 2 Lies

  As you know from my post last week, I’m currently traveling (aka. searching for Middle Earth) and I just couldn’t bring myself to skip a post. I JUST LIKE YOU ALL TOO MUCH! But this took some brainstorming. Because what should I post about when I’m not around? If it’s … Continue reading

Do You Remember to Look Back?

Tomorrow is hubby’s and my 4th anniversary. *throws confetti* It doesn’t sound like that long but we have done so much in that short amount of time — much more than we ever imagined we’d do. Every year for our anniversary, I give him a framed photo of us that lists … Continue reading