That Time I Turned Into Gollum on the Train

I was taking the train from Portland to Seattle. A just-short-enough-but-just-long-enough 3.5 hour trip. I’d gotten my delicious chai, bought a new book about the Inklings, and allowed myself to imagine what the ride would be like. I planned to stare out the window the entire time, it was raining … Continue reading

A Time to Rise is HERE: Confessions of a Freaked-Out Author on Release Day

It’s here. It’s today. I have released A Time to Rise into the world. (Okay, so my publisher actually let it loose, but still…) I feel like a parent letting my kid go off to their first day of school and hoping that they find the right friends and avoid the bullies and … Continue reading

Writing With God is Inconvenient – (2016 ACFW Conference Recap)

I’ve rewritten the start of this post at least six times, mainly because I don’t know which direction I should take when summing up this year’s ACFW Conference. Should I be goofy and talk about how I accidentally hugged a complete stranger (oops)? Should I be excited and mention how … Continue reading

My Big Brother Changed My Life…And We’ve Never Even Met

How can a person you’ve never met change your life so drastically? My older brother, Nathan, passed away when he was three-and-a-half years old. I was born about 11 months later. Today, on June 8th, he would have turned 34. We never met, but… . . . that didn’t stop … Continue reading

10 Truths & 2 Lies

  As you know from my post last week, I’m currently traveling (aka. searching for Middle Earth) and I just couldn’t bring myself to skip a post. I JUST LIKE YOU ALL TOO MUCH! But this took some brainstorming. Because what should I post about when I’m not around? If it’s … Continue reading

Do You Remember to Look Back?

Tomorrow is hubby’s and my 4th anniversary. *throws confetti* It doesn’t sound like that long but we have done so much in that short amount of time — much more than we ever imagined we’d do. Every year for our anniversary, I give him a framed photo of us that lists … Continue reading

Being Skinny vs. Being Healthy

We all know that physical appearance is the big dragon that women are trying to slay these days. We have clothing companies either trimming down their humans into little waifs, or plastering “this model is not photoshopped!” on their ads. (Go Aerie!) I want to talk about the long-term stuff. What … Continue reading