#Walk30Days Challenge – Year THREE!

That time is upon us again! It is the #Walk30Days Challenge YEAR THREE. May is National Walking Month and for the past couple years, I’ve challenged you (and myself) to take a walk every day in May…for 30 days. I’m particularly excited about walking this year because…I live somewhere new! … Continue reading

#Walk30Days Challenge – Year 2!

It’s that time again! Last year some of you joined me in the #Walk30Days challenge and . . . guess what? 365 days have passed since then! Time to pull out your flip-flops (yes, flip flops, because I’m totally not committed enough to buy special shoes) and take a daily … Continue reading

Daily Walks Will Help Your Creativity

It takes intentional, teeth-grinding effort for me to get out of the house each day. I have many obstacles to overcome: I’m an author and editor, which means I work at home so technically I could work in my PJs if I wanted to. Hubby and I have one car, … Continue reading