Hey Author, Don’t Ask Questions, Just Start a Newsletter

Woohoo! Welcome to the third phase of my Book Marketing series–THE NEWSLETTER. Here are the links to the other posts if you need to catch up: What’s at the heart of book marketing? How to find a “tribe” when marketing your book Today we’re talking about author newsletters. The newsletter is my … Continue reading

How To Find A “Tribe” When Marketing Your Book

Welcome to post #2 in the Book Marketing series! Last month, I we concluded that the heart of marketing is tribe (aka: relationship.) So the “new name” of book marketing is… Tribe Building. WHY TRIBE? Here’s what Michael Hyatt has to say about marketing in his NY Times bestselling book, Platform: Marketing is dead…in … Continue reading

How To Throw A Facebook Party In A Nutshell. (Not Literally)

So yesterday, authors Sara Ella, S. D. Grimm, and I exploded the internet along with the help of about 270 readers and fans. 😛 In other words, we threw a Facebook Party to celebrate the release of A Time to Rise. And it ROCKED. So I thought I’d do a … Continue reading

I’m Building a Street Team

I know what you’re thinking. “Again? Didn’t you just do a Launch Team or Street Team or Team thingy for A Time to Speak? And didn’t you do it last year, too?” I’M THINKING THE SAME THING! I’m thinking, “This is getting repetitive! And it’s a lot of work. And…do I plan to do … Continue reading

Will You Be On My Launch Team?

Calling all the brave and heroic adventurers! Don your armor, capes, and swords. Lace up those boots and tighten that belt because… I need your help. My book, A Time to Die, releases exactly six weeks from tomorrow and I can’t possibly announce it to the world with my own two feeble lungs. I’m … Continue reading