“There’s Nothing Godly About Patriotism”

A professor once told me this to my face. “There’s nothing Godly about patriotism.” Now, you have to understand that I was raised by a mom who was born Canadian. She fell in love with the morals upon which America was built and finally, after a lot of work and studying, … Continue reading

I Didn’t Write My Book With the Gospel Message

That’s right. The gospel message wasn’t my focus with A Time to Die. The curse of being an author of Christian fiction is that, no matter how you deliver the spiritual message, you’re going to get reviews that say, “It was so preachy! I was drowning!” and “There wasn’t enough spiritual focus. … Continue reading

Do You Believe Your Life Can Be Epic?

I read so many fantasy books as a child and teenager I started to think my life wouldn’t be amazing unless dragons attacked my little Wyoming valley. Or unless the fate of the world hinged on my brave choices. How unfair that I was stuck in a Muggle world! Couldn’t God see … Continue reading

Wives, Your Hubby is Christ . . . But You Are the Church


Today is hubby’s and my third anniversary. Three whole years. Now we’re experts! 😉 Recently, I’ve been going through Sacred Marriage, by Gary L. Thomas. He’s been writing on the husband’s role to “love your wife as Christ loves the church.” (Ephesians 5:25) This means hubby’s supposed to be perfect, right? … Continue reading

Why I Don’t Want to Die Yet

In church, we’re going through the books of Revelation and Ezekiel. Understandably, the “end times” have been on my mind. This isn’t a new topic for me. If you know anything about my book, A Time to Die, you know I’ve tackled the idea of mortality, finitude, temporarity . . . I am not afraid … Continue reading

My Author Story (Part 2) — When God Told Me Not to Write

This three-week series of sharing my author story, is in answer to Brent King’s question on my Ask Me Anything post: “I would be fascinated by your personal story…what fueled your passion for…writing and your desire to write.” Here is the author-side of that story. (You can read Part 1 here.)   I thought I … Continue reading