ADVENTURING AUTHOR: Book Research in England

I didn’t exactly blast this to the world but…I went to England this month. No big deal (she says, screaming.) And I’m sharing a glimpse into that adventure because tomorrow is Thanksgiving and all I keep thinking is, “Wow. God has given me an amazing life. And I want to share … Continue reading

2016, You’re Done. 2017…Here I Come.

Last year I skipped the whole 2016 wrap-up + 2017 goals post. I love reading other people’s resolutions and it’s about time I did one of my own again. (Actually, I think I skipped only last year, so really it hasn’t been that long since I did this.) So . . . did … Continue reading

Who Else Has a Hard Time Believing?

Several years ago, I was listening to the radio station and the host of the hour said that instead of New Year’s resolutions she liked to pick a word. A word to dwell on or define her year. I thought that was kind of cool. I mean, I like words. 😝 … Continue reading

Teaching at my First-Ever Writer’s Conference – I DIDN’T DIE.

Last week I taught at a writer’s conference for the first time. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you that. Maybe I should pretend that I do this all the time, it’s no big deal. But, frankly, it’s refreshing to be real and admit that it was my first time, it was not … Continue reading

ADVENTURING AUTHOR: Bermuda, Bahamas, Come On Pretty Mamma

Beach Boys. Anyone? Anyone? No? *sigh* As you might have seen this month’s newsletter, hubby and I will be taking a cruise to Bermuda next week! So if you never hear from us again, know that we’re exploring the Bermuda triangle and have probably disappeared to another realm (I’ve put in a … Continue reading

Do You Remember to Look Back?

Tomorrow is hubby’s and my 4th anniversary. *throws confetti* It doesn’t sound like that long but we have done so much in that short amount of time — much more than we ever imagined we’d do. Every year for our anniversary, I give him a framed photo of us that lists … Continue reading