Dear Singles…It’s Okay to be Picky.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Happy Galentine’s Day. Happy SAD Day (Single Awareness Day) I’ve heard all the different titles. I’ve celebrated each of them at different times in my life. And each one came with its fantastic moments and disappointments. Last year I talked about how Mister Ninja and I do … Continue reading

The Dreaded Question: “So…What Are Your Life Plans?”

The first fifteen years of your life are spent in blissful ignorance. All you have to do is grow up, do the homework, go adventuring, navigate friendships and awkward crushes and different sports.But then…you hit junior year of high school and it happens. For the lucky ones, it doesn’t happen … Continue reading

Hard vs. Bad…Thoughts From a Tough-Weekend Survivor.

I had a hard weekend. As I shared that on my social media on Monday, I realized that I was about to get a wave of “I’m sorrys” from my sweet followers. And while I appreciate the comfort and encouragement and prayers, I wanted to clarify: A hard weekend doesn’t … Continue reading

Happy Autumn! Here’s A Butterbeer Recipe

The moment Fall struck–and the first autumn leaf fell from a nearby tree–I found myself googling butterbeer recipes and then turning the kitchen into a cream-soda-war zone. When I was a teen, I read the Harry Potter series to my younger brother. Now, you should know that he and I created … Continue reading

My Week: When My Shower Electrocuted Me & Ate My Computer

Sometimes your shower tries to kill you. And it misses. And kills your computer instead. Okay, context: About a week ago, hubby got a shock turning off the shower. In case you didn’t know, electricity + water = ☠️. So, being the responsible and logical husband that he is, he … Continue reading