Dear Singles…It’s Okay to be Picky.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Happy Galentine’s Day. Happy SAD Day (Single Awareness Day) I’ve heard all the different titles. I’ve celebrated each of them at different times in my life. And each one came with its fantastic moments and disappointments. Last year I talked about how Mister Ninja and I do … Continue reading

The Dreaded Question: “So…What Are Your Life Plans?”

The first fifteen years of your life are spent in blissful ignorance. All you have to do is grow up, do the homework, go adventuring, navigate friendships and awkward crushes and different sports.But then…you hit junior year of high school and it happens. For the lucky ones, it doesn’t happen … Continue reading

RECAP: BeaulitfulCon + Writing Retreat with Mary Weber and Sara Ella! Yes, I’m spoiled.

I don’t know if you’re ready for this. Last week I was in California, admiring palm trees, soaking up the sun, wearing flip-flops, and admiring beach sunsets. Meanwhile it was -3°F degrees back home. Ask me if I missed it. Go ahead, ask me. So why was I in California? … Continue reading

So you finished your book…now what?

What happens when you finish that first manuscript? When you complete your first book? When you finally write The End? One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is, “I’ve finished my first book! What do I do now?” (Tweet this.) I touched on this in my most recent newsletter, but … Continue reading

New Year, New Books, New Plans

Another year out and a new year in. I know that everyone and their pet candle is writing a “summary of 2017” or “look out 2018!” post….and I’m not even ashamed to be joining in. Why? Because it’s the new year and I honestly can’t think of what else I … Continue reading

To Blog? Or Not to Blog? (Also known as “To drown? Or not to drown?”) – December Blog Hiatus

HAPPY DECEMBERRRRRR! Last year I blogged through the month of December, chanting to myself, “Neither rain, nor sleet, nor sun, nor avalanche!!!!” and….it. was. so. hard. I was traveling and editing and trying to write and planning to teach at a conference and…*deep breath* Another thing I noticed was that … Continue reading