ADVENTURING AUTHOR: Bermuda, Bahamas, Come On Pretty Mamma

Beach Boys. Anyone? Anyone? No? *sigh* As you might have seen this month’s newsletter, hubby and I will be taking a cruise to Bermuda next week! So if you never hear from us again, know that we’re exploring the Bermuda triangle and have probably disappeared to another realm (I’ve put in a … Continue reading

I’m Writing My Next Book by Typewriter

Yes, really. Don’t believe me? Well, let me convince you. The next book was supposed to be by hand. In fact, a lot of people have been asking, “Weren’t you writing your next book by hand?” because I’d made it clear that was my next plan. Let me explain what happened: … Continue reading

Do You Remember to Look Back?

Tomorrow is hubby’s and my 4th anniversary. *throws confetti* It doesn’t sound like that long but we have done so much in that short amount of time — much more than we ever imagined we’d do. Every year for our anniversary, I give him a framed photo of us that lists … Continue reading

Adventuring Author: Bummeling Through German Heritage

When I was a kid, I always loved telling people my mom was 100% German, because I thought that meant something special. I thought it was a rare bragging right and very few people in the world were 100% anything. Ah, sweet childhood ignorance. It does mean something though…It means I … Continue reading

Adventuring Author: Dogsledding

I live in the type of place where I can post on Facebook, “Anyone have dogsledding connections? I need it for book research,” and the next day I get a message from a friend saying, “I can get you a ride!” (Al, you’re the best!) I know, I’m spoiled. So yesterday … Continue reading

Adventuring Author: Russia Report

Where does one begin after they’ve just watched God mold hearts and answer prayers? How does someone sum up the miracle of the red sea or manna from heaven? The truth is: it can’t be done. Daylen’s and my trip to Russia was sprinkled with miracles, inspiration, and nearness to God. … Continue reading

Adventuring Author: Russia — How Hubby Got On Board

I am in Russia. Yes, right now. We (hubby and I) landed in Moscow two days ago. I’ll be posting pictures on my Instagram when (if) I can and I’ll resist giving a “full report” until we’ve returned. But while we’re traipsing across the Russian winterside, here’s the story of … Continue reading

Adventuring Author: Transiting the Panama Canal

My favorite form of adventuring is traveling. I had the privilege of being raised in a family of travelers. My dad is a pilot and did a lot of ministry overseas. My first international trip was to hand out Christmas gifts to orphans in Russia with my dad. That’s when the … Continue reading