Merry Christmas, Russia! I’m Headed Your Way.

I’ve waited fourteen years to return to Russia. Four weeks from today, Daylen and I will be there. My dad took me on my first international trip to Russia as a young teen to deliver Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes to orphans. During that trip, my heart packed its bags and moved into a … Continue reading

Adventuring Author: Logbook of a sea cook (part 2)

(This is the third post of my sea cook adventure. Click to read the first installment and the second installment.)   How many times have you embarked on an adventure and, partway through thought, “What have I gotten myself into?” Every adventure has an upside and downside. Most of the time, … Continue reading

Adventuring Author: logbook of a sea cook (part 1)

(This is the second post of my sea cook adventure. For the first post, please go here.)   I’m not sure what sea cooks of old planned for meals, but I’m betting it wasn’t PB&Js, pot pies, or fettucini pasta. I’m also betting sea cooks didn’t keep log books. I … Continue reading

Adventuring Author: The story of a sea cook

Adventure is both a noun and verb. I like the verb version best. “I’m going adventuring,” not “I’m going on an adventure,” although both are perfectly acceptable. Inside my chest is a tiny adventure gremlin. It spends about six months to a year growing and sharpening its little claws before it … Continue reading