Which Character from the Out of Time Series Would You Spend Valentine’s Day With?

In lieu of Valentine’s Day, I thought it’d be fun to share how each of the characters from the Out of Time Series might tackle the rabidly pink “holiday.” And, because I haven’t done a post on my books in a while, I hoped it’d be a nice change from the … Continue reading

13 Random Facts About the Out of Time Series

A few weeks ago, you voted for what secrets you’d like me to blog about regarding the Out of Time Series for the launch of A Time to Rise. You all chose “15 Random Facts about the Out of Time Series.” I have been particularly excited to write this blog post, though I went with … Continue reading

30 Day Countdown: A Time to Rise Pinterest Board & FB Party

Let the countdown BEGIIIIIIIN! *hands out Clocks* 30 days, my friends. Let’s start the countdown. Do you have your Clock? Good, because you don’t want to be Clock-checked by the Enforcers right now. The Council is getting a bit invasive with these new Clocks. Over the next 30 days I’ll … Continue reading

Pssst! I Have Secrets to Tell You. Pick One!

We’re coming up on that time of year again! Launch season. (Not to be confused with “Lunch” season. Because lunch season is EVERY DAY, my friends. *runs off to make pizza.* ) It’s the most wonderful time of the year (she says, as she drinks nine cups of tea and pulls out … Continue reading

Inventions You’re Not Sure You Want. . .From the Out of Time Series

Tech…technology. It’s one facet of my Out of Time books that people seem to love most. And, because you’ll discover quite a few new inventions in my upcoming sequel release, A Time to Speak, I thought we’d go exploring today. I’m going to introduce you to the tech inventions from books one … Continue reading

Music Behind A Time to Die

Half my inspiration comes from music. After all, the sense of hearing makes up 1/5 of our human forms of perception. We’re created to be inspired by sound. So, on that note (pun intended), I thought I’d share the playlist I listened to while writing A Time to Die. At first, … Continue reading

As This Celebration Ends, Let the Next Begin!

The two months of celebration are coming to an end…sort of. Do you really believe I could ever stop celebrating? 😉 Can I just say…you all know how to party! These weeks have been so fun taking you Into the Book. You’ve jumped into the stories like Jane and Michael into … Continue reading

Inside the Book: ~Emotigraphs~

Follow me. For the next two months, we will wander onto the unknown paths of A Time to Die. I expect we’ll meet new characters, foreign places, wondrous inventions, and maybe a little danger… —————————————————————————————————————– Invention Exploration #2 — Emotigraphs   What happens when you mix a photograph with an emotion? That’s the question that spurred the invention … Continue reading