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May is over, you guys. I’m thinking back to all the times I thought, “Oh, I’ll just make sure to do that before June” and now it’s June AND I’VE DONE NOTHING. Except walk…almost 30 days. So, since that’s the one thing I did manage to do this week, let’s talk about it. As of yesterday, the Walk30Days Challenge officially ended. I’ll admit, I didn’t walk every single day. I was sick during part of May (why does that always happen?) oh, and hubby and I road tripped almost 4,000 miles. 😳

Because of the many road trips, I got to take a walk in five different states! Oregon (which looked like Middle Earth), Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Missouri.


See? Oregon = Middle Earth

Jackson Hole, WY

Apparently Evel Knievel tried to jump this canyon on a rocket motorcycle…

For some reason, I had trouble going out and taking my walks this year. I still did it, but the excitement wasn’t the same as previous years. I think it’s because I now live in a new place and I wasn’t sure what to discover. I went from open country to small town and busy schedule. But that was a continual reminder to me that we can build new habits anywhere. It just takes persistence. Because our town is so small I can walk pretty much anywhere (like to my coffee shop!) and I’m determined to keep it up this summer.

Other notes from my month of walks:

1. My feet were NOT ready for sandals.

I always seem to think that once the weather is nice, I’ll be able to throw on some flip flops and leave them glued to my feet for the next four months. Sadly…no. Because blisters. So I did what any sane person would do to recover. *cough* pedicure *cough*

2. Midwest weather is very different than Rockies weather.

Just sayin’. Tornados then storms then burning sun. I wasn’t sure whether to wear flip flops or a raincoat (or both at the same time to be safe.) 

3. I wrote. A lot more than usual.

The whole purpose behind the Walk30Days Challenge was to help stimulate creativity. That’s what started it three years ago. And I’m pleased to say that I spent a lot of time outside and it truly rejuvenated my creative brain gnomes. (Those are real, btw.) I found myself sitting on the front steps with a glass of lemonade whenever the weather beckoned and writing (or reading) there for the day.


Overall, I call this year’s #walk30days challenge a success! A lot of you participated and I loved seeing your many photos and glimpses into your every day life. 🙂 Year 3 = COMPLETED! On to the next!

What prompts you to walk outside? (Or what keeps you from taking regular walks?)

If you participated in the Walk30Days Challenge, how did it go? Any favorite moments?




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  1. That is awesome! Unfortunately, participating this year would have been extremely difficult, because in Oregon…it pours…all day. I did manage to have some time to sit outside on those sunny moments and just think which was really good for me. Hopefully next year, I’ll just force myself to throw on a raincoat and go for a walk

  2. I didn’t officially participate in your challenge… but I guess I could have. Not only do I LOVE walks, but I have a high-energy pup that does best when she gets a daily outing. I feel better physically, emotionally, and creatively when I get my walk in. Often I like to multitask and make it a learning/thinking time by listening to podcasts. I live in quiet country, so that makes it a nice peaceful (aside from the previously mentioned dog racing crazing laps around me…). The seclusion also allows for random dance moves that may or may not happen if I’m listening to my kpop playlist… ;D

  3. Well, I was going strong at the beginning of the month – and then got sick right in the middle of it. Needless to see, walking 30 days just wasn’t possible. But I was super glad that it gave me motivation for the days I wasn’t sick! It was fun 😉

  4. Walking is definitely soothing to my soul. My husband and I are in the habit of walking at night, after dinner while the boys do the dishes, around our neighbourhood. Not every night, but as often as we can manage. It’s getting colder this time of year, but we bundle up (hats, scarves, gloves), and take our little Jack Russell with us. She’s my primary motivation, haha. She’s always up for another ‘walkie.’

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