A Time to Rise has a Release Date!

Well hey there, Ninjas! I’m off teaching at the One Year Adventure Novel conference right now (aka: eating pizza and hanging out with awesome cosplay bookworms.) So I’m going to keep this short. A Time to Rise officially has a release date!! I’ve been telling people, “Sometime in the fall” … Continue reading

How My Manuscript Becomes a Book


I get a lot of questions about how my manuscripts turn into books. They sound a lot like this: “Why isn’t A Time to Rise coming out until FALL?! Don’t you know about your readers’ anguish?” Oh man, don’t I. “I mean, you finished the first draft so…why isn’t it in stores now?” Okay, … Continue reading

Why Book Three is NOT Titled: “A Time to Live”

Everyone assumed book three would be called A Time to Live. In fact, it even turned into a joke between me and some friends (yes, Lisa Godfrees, I’m looking at you.) And, when you break down the titles and look at the progression, A Time to Live just makes sense, right? … Continue reading

Can You Guess The Title of Book 3?

If you’ve been following me on social media at all, you’ll notice that I’m revealing the title for book 3, one clue at a time. I was going to wait until January to start this scavenger hunt of sorts. Part of me likes keeping the secret all to myself. *evil laugh* But … Continue reading

Writing a Sequel

Everyone talks about writing “the book.” No one talks about the sequel. (Tweet this) No one talks about the new pressure of readers demanding resolution, or of the publisher’s deadlines you thought you could handle, or of how you’re suddenly asking yourself, “Why in the world did I create that … Continue reading

Exclusive Swag for A Time to Speak…for you!

UPDATE: This swag is no longer available. Thank you to all who pre-ordered!   Swag. It’s the cool thing right now (isn’t it?) You know, bookmarks, pins, stickers…all related to awesome books. Well, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon swagwagon and put together some AWESOMENESS for you. (Yes, you.) … Continue reading

How to Self-Edit Your Manuscript: My Process

A frequent question I’ve received recently is “How do you self-edit?” mainly in regards to…how do I edit MY work? This question arose from some authors who where panicking curious about certain editing pictures I shared on Facebook: Questions I received in response to these pictures: “Do you do that every time?” – … Continue reading