10 of My Favorite Book Marketing Resources

We’ve arrived at the end of my book marketing series (see previous posts here — can be read in any order) and I thought a nice wrap-up would be to share some of my favorite book marketing resources. Short and sweet, but hopefully helpful! 🙂

1 – Rise of the Machines, by Kristen Lamb

This book is gold. It totally dives into the relational aspect of marketing and being authentic and building your brand around you. That is something that I don’t think will ever change in marketing–we need to be real. We need to be who we’re created to be.

2. The Novel Marketing Podcast

Without this podcast, I would never get any dishes done. 😛 Every time there’s a new episode I go into cleaning mode with headphones. And then I learn stuff and I get a reboot in my energy for marketing. The Novel Marketing Podcast is put on my James L. Rubart and Thomas Umstattd Jr. Not only do they have marketing brains…and they’re funny. Even though this podcast only updates about once a month, there is plenty of backlog for you to sift through and learn from!

3 – The Extroverted Writer, by Amanda Leudeke

Another book recommendation (and it won’t be the last) that is a must-have for any author wanting to understand marketing, platform, and an agent’s POV. Amanda Leudeke is a top-notch agent who wrote a book breaking down both the author side of things and the publisher side of things. This book is thin and a quick read FILLED. WITH. GOLD.

4 – Thunderclap

Thunderclap is a brilliant and easy (and free!) way to create a big shout when you’re launching your book–or simply when you have an exciting announcement. You create a tweet or Facebook post and then people can join in sharing it. It’s basically like a giant scheduled post that 10, 20, 100, 1,000 people could get in on and shout at the same time. I used this during the release of A Time to Rise and I’m a fan.

5 – Goodreads giveaways

Goodreads giveaways are a fantastic way to spread the word about your book. Everyone likes free books and this is a no-hassle way to reach both local and international readers. Just set up a giveaway to all the countries that The Book Depository ships to (and make sure your book is being sold by TBD), and then you can have an international giveaway and it’ll only cost you a book!

6. Rafflecopter

On the subject of giveaways, Rafflecopter is another one that I use very frequently–at least once a month, in fact, for the $10 Amazon gift card I give away in each newsletter. But what’s especially nice is that people can enter by sharing or tweeting or joining your newsletters. So it’s connecting more people with you, but also spreading the word and rewarding your readers with a giveaway! Win, win, win.

7 – Platform by Michael Hyattbook marketing resources

This book is especially helpful for those who are blogging a lot–or committed to marketing through blogging. It’s set up so you can flip around and pick and choose what you want to focus on or dig into. Also, Michael Hyatt is a genius, so there’s that. 🙂

8 – Facebook parties

Facebook parties–despite how “uncool” Facebook might be to teens, it’s still a great place to throw a party. Facebook parties are fun, interactive, and fairly simple to run. I actually have a whole post on how to throw a Facebook Party for those interested in the logistics behind it.

9 – Click to Tweet

This is just a little one, but I use Click to Tweet to pre-write tweets for people. For example, you can click here to see a pre-written tweet about this blog post. It makes it easy for people to share, and easy for you to promote. There is a small monthly fee, but if you’re serious about blogging, it’s worth it. 🙂

10 – Tribes, by Seth Godin

This book is all about how marketing is centered on building your tribe, not just shouting your news. This might sound familiar to you because I previously blogged on how to find your tribe. It’s revolutionary (even though it was written several years ago) and is one of my top recommendations for people tackling book marketing. It’s about relationship and authenticity.

Which of these book marketing resources gets you excited? (Or nervous?)

Did I miss any that you recommend?


*please note that I use affiliate links on this website & post.

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  1. I’m not actually a fan of Goodreads giveaways… because I can never enter them. The Terms of Service says you have to be eighteen or older. :-/

  2. This was so helpful! Thanks!

  3. Ooh I shall most definitely be looking into all these books and various other things. *nods* Thanks a heap!! 😀

  4. This is a post I will be book marking and saving for future reference. Thanks!

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