$400 Copyedit Special

It’s Christmas! Okay…not really, but I’m going to pretend it is and I’m going to shower gifts and coupons on all my fellow authors! This week only, I’m offering a special fixed price on a copyedit for fiction manuscripts of any length! (Tweet this)

Copyedit special

What is a copyedit?

copyedit is one of the last stages before you go publish your book. This is a line-by-line review of the manuscript that checks for punctuation, grammar, formatting, typographical errors, redundancies, word choice, capitalization, inconsistent tense, and other details. This is the edit you want when your manuscript is finished and preparing for publication.

Why the special price?

image1Prior to this week, I didn’t offer copyediting in my editorial services. Well…now I do! I’ve taken on an editing assistant, the super-ninja Elizabeth Miller. She has the critical eye and mind to catch typos and put them to death. No mercy. She’s the ideal person to perfect your manuscript — but don’t take my word on it, let her show you! 😀

As a kick-off to this new world of copyediting, Elizabeth and I are excited to offer a fixed copyediting special. Call it a “launch discount” if you want. (We just call it fun.) No matter the length of your fiction manuscript, you can have the full thing copyedited for $400 — the lowest you’ll find in the market. Seriously, though…


  • Your manuscript will be copyedited by both Elizabeth and me. Yeah, you read that right. To finish up Elizabeth’s boot-camp, I will also be going through your manuscript.
  • This offer is available ONLY until August 11th. One week, peeps. After that, the pricing will return to normal at $0.006/word.
  • Your copyedit has a 4-6 week turnaround. Starting now. Trying to hit that Christmas release? This is for you.
  • Space is limited to the first 15 authors. Due to turnaround time, we have to put a cap on how many manuscripts we can take. Spots are already filling up, so jump on it!
  • Your copyedit must be used (or started) by the end of the 2015 year. Otherwise the price returns to normal.

If you’re interested in the copyedit, please shoot me an e-mail through my contact page. If you’re not, then pass this post along to an author friend who might benefit! Thank you for helping my editing assistant get her feet wet! Your manuscript will love you for it.


Any questions?

Have you ever had a copyedit done on your manuscript? Who do you recommend?


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