A Time to Die – Two Week Countdown

A Time to Die releases in two weeks!



*gasp* Panic! *happy dance*

Not just that, but the Kindle version is now available for pre-order on Amazon! (Tweet this.)

Boy do I have some fun plans for you. Over the next two weeks I’ll be sharing behind-the-scenes tidbits, introducing you to characters, hosting giveaways, and a Facebook launch party! Basically, you’re invited to a giant celebration. 🙂

How can you keep up with all this? I’m glad you asked:
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Okay, now that you’re excited (you are excited, right?) Here are a few appeteasers for you:

A Time to Die has a new Pinterest Page!

I’m telling you, it’s drool-worthy. Who doesn’t like visuals? Visit my newly released Pinterest Board for A Time to Die. Here are a few to whet your appetite.


Pinterest Page

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Facebook Party! 

If you have a Facebook, you may come. I’m hosting a Facebook party on the release date (September 23rd) where there will be prizes, contests, games, giveaways, virtual snacks (yum.), and fun. It’s a great way to find out more about the books or ask me any questions (like my most embarrassing moment….ah!)

Party Announcement

Also, if you join the party now, that gives you another extra entry to the blog hop giveaway going on. (Enter here)

  • Date: September 23rd
  • Time: 7-9 Eastern Time (4-6 Pacific time, 5-7 Mountain Time, 6-8 Central Time
  • Where: RIGHT HERE! (through your Facebook)
One Year Left Blog Hop

A huge blog hop is starting up asking the question, “If you had one year left to live, what would you do?” You can read my answer here as well as see a list of future posts other bloggers will be writing. I’m so excited and inspired to see everyone else’s answers and stories. Anyone is welcome to join the blog post. Just contact me and I’ll send you the info!


What are you most excited about in the upcoming release? (Or what would you like to see?)

Are you coming to the Facebook party? 


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