Voters Needed! Which Free Goodie Should I Write for my Newsletter?

For too long I’ve been rewarding my Newsletter Subscribers with a free glimpse at the first chapter of A Time to Die. Well, that was cool….way back before the book was out. Now you can get that “special exclusive look” on Amazon, Kindle, Goodreads, and probably Barnes & Noble.

Aka: my “special treat” is about as exciting as someone offering you glitter for dessert. (Tweet this)

So it’s time for a revamp! I’ve gotten some ideas from friends, readers, etc. on what I should include as a special treat for Newsletter subscribers and now I need your vote. (Tweet this) As much as I’d like to write all of them…I’m just too busy writing book three in the Out of Time Series and you don’t want me to stop doing that do you? 😉


Sadly, I can’t use “first chapter of A Time to Speak until it’s finished being edited. Then I can guarantee you I’ll use that in the months leading up to its release!

Why do I need a cool incentive for signing up for my Newsletter?

Well because all the marketing professionals say I need one! 😉 And because…everyone likes free stuff, especially when it’s not lame free stuff. I’m a gift-giver at heart. I love sharing (which is why I’m always giving sneak peeks to things.) I’m that person who ends up giving a Christmas gift early (and then feels rotten on Christmas day because there’s nothing I can give to anyone! Blah!) It’s taking all my will power not to leak the whole unedited version of A Time to Speak onto the internet to share with you early.

Basically, it’s fun for me. It’s fun for you. It’s a way that we can connect and share something.

Why do I want you to sign up for my newsletter?

Because I love connecting with people! I’m passionate about sharing life, sharing joys, being authentic. I love to connect over story. I share updates through my newsletter, giveaways, tips, and links. I try my hardest not to be boring because I get it — not everything that interests me will interest others. Basically, I want to connect.

Besides, if you sign up for my newsletter and then get sick of me, unsubscribing is as single click!

Will current newsletter subscribers get this “Free Goodie?” 

Um…yeah! Didn’t we just go through the “I like to share stuff” speech? Whenever the goodie is written up, I’ll send it out to all current subscribers (and you, of course, being overwhelmed with thankfulness, will then invite everyone to sign up for my newsletter….right?) [grin] 😉

Voting time! 

Okay, take a look at the poll below and let me know which one looks most interesting to you. If you choose the “something else” option, please please share your idea in the comments so that I can then include it in the poll.


Thank you so much for voting! (You did vote, didn’t you?) Please feel free to share this post. The more votes, the clearer picture I have on what people would like. And fret not! If your top choice doesn’t get chosen, I do plan to write all of these someday and have them available to readers.


Which option are you most looking forward to?

Your option isn’t up there? Post it in the comments! 🙂


About Nadine Brandes

Nadine Brandes is an adventurer, fusing authentic faith with bold imagination. She never received her Hogwarts letter, but rest assured she’s no Muggle (and would have been in Ravenclaw House, thank you very much.) This Harry Potter super-nerd has been known to eat an entire package of Oreos (family size) by herself, and watches Fiddler on the Roof at least once a year. She writes about brave living, finding purpose, and other worlds soaked in imagination. Her dystopian trilogy (The Out of Time Series) challenged her to pursue shalom, which is now her favorite word (followed closely by bumbershoot.) When Nadine’s not taste-testing a new chai or editing fantasy novels, she and her knight-in-shining armor (nickname: “hubby”) are out pursuing adventures.

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  1. Nadine,

    I am torn between two options. Your Top 10 resources and “other”. I voted for the top 10 resources, but I’m also very interesting in the steps you take to put a story together. What is your writing process? As a writer, how other writers work is a topic of endless fascination.


    • Carrie,
      Great option! I think I’ll turn the top 10 resources one into a blog post so that people can still get that content. I love the idea of putting together a writing process post, too. I’ve been thinking about how my writing process has changed so much and how it’s finally settling into a rhythm. Thank you for sharing that idea!

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