Share-A-Song Wednesday – Introducing…The Gray Havens

I’m always on the search for new music. But sometimes new music finds me. Like recently, when my Spotify playlist went rogue and started throwing new artists and music into my headphones. I was just about to tackle it back into submission when…a new song came on. And I wasn’t snagged only by the simple folk-meets-pop sound, but also by the lyrics.

So today, since I’m actually on an airplane to California for the SoCal Christian Writers Conference and it’s hard to pre-write blog posts when you’re a crazy author on deadline…I wanted to share the song with you.

Rule #1: You must read the lyrics while you listen to it. With some songs, that’s just how it needs to be. You’re not going to get the full impression if you just try to listen to it. It’s up to you, but Nadine says “Obey me!” 😉

Rule #2: You must listen to the song all the way through. It’s only 4 minutes out of your day, but the end of the lyrics is what brings it home.

That’s all on the rule-front. I know I’m bossy.




A voice came and spoke to the silence
The words took on beauty and form
The form took its shape as a garden was born
Then man from the dust came reflecting
All goodness and beauty and life
But he lowered his gaze
As he listened to the face of low desires 

This my soul you were born
You were born into
What this man has done
It all extends to you
Let the words shake on down along your spine
And ring out true that you might find new life 

The voice came and swords blocked the garden
None could return with their lives
A curse there was placed upon every man to face
For all of time
No wisdom of man or rebellion
Could deliver new life out of death
But the voice with the curse
Spoke a promise that the word would take on flesh 

This my soul you were born
You were born into
What this man has done
It all extends to you
Let the words shake on down along your spine
And ring out true that you might find 

Then the perfect son of man
Took the place the voice had planned
Since the garden and before
He took the swords and cursed the grave
There’s nothing more to separate us from the promise
The words of a living hope

And this my soul you were born
You were born into
What this man has done
It all extends to you
Let the words shake on down along your spine
And ring out true that you might find

(Lyrics pulled from

There you have it! My most recent discovery. 🙂 So…what did you think?

Now it’s your turn — share a song I should listen to, whether for the lyrics, beat, whatever!




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  1. Some friends of ours just recently introduced us to The Gray Havens!! I really like their style and feel. And yess, that song is pretty great.
    I also lately discovered Roo Panes, and I like his folk-song style too. His song ‘Know Me Well’ is one of my favourites.

  2. Wow. I love that song!! Wasn’t going to listen to it but then I decided to and I’m so glad I did!

  3. I love The Gray Havens! I have so many songs I love. Move by TobyMac is one of my favorites.

  4. I love The Gray Havens, and this song in particular! They performed near my college this spring, and I went, having no idea who they were or how amazing their music is. 🙂 Their other songs Ghost of a King, Take this Slowly, Shadows of the Dawn, Gray Flowers, Far Kingdom and Sirens are also reeeally good. Just to name a few.
    Have you listened to Dear Wormwood by The Oh Hellos? Good lyrics, great melody. The Oh Hellos have a similar style to the Gray Havens. Their song Caesar is especially Gray Havens-y.

    • Oh how cool you got to hear them in concert!!
      I don’t think I’ve heard of Dear Wormwood, but I’ve heard of The Oh Hellos. Now I want to listen to them more!

  5. Ooh, I love the Gray Havens! (I talk about them way too much on my own blog, haha). The poetry and truth of their music is breathtaking. I’m so glad you discovered them!

  6. That is a great song! Funny, I’ve never heard of Gray Havens, but apparently they’re pretty good. One of my absolute favorites of all time and forever is For King and Country. Their music is beyond incredible! And their music videos, come to think of it. Have you ever heard their song Priceless? It’s really popular.

  7. I literally found this song a month ago and fell head over heels in love with it ❤❤❤!!!!! The musicality presented makes me so happy. I just discovered a song by the Afters called Summer Again -which is a must. I’m not usually a huge fan of the Afters, but this song has really grown on me. Another song that has great musicality although it is more of a secular song is Find A Way by SafetySuit

  8. I first heard of the Gray Havens about two months ago, probably not even that, since then their songs have been played at lot at our house. The stories they tell! And I love the style and everything. I also really like the siren song and grey flowers. And a heap of others like Ghost of King and Shadows of the Dawn.

  9. Love it! I just discovered Ryan Ellis. His song ‘Holy Spirit Come’ is pretty amazing.

  10. I hadn’t heard of them or this song and the words by themselves didn’t impress me but after listening (& following your rules) – wow!!!

  11. Abraham Sherman

    Great writer music! Gentle, ethereal, moody (in a good, emotionally evocative way), inspiring. It plays like a soundtrack for exploring the halls and chambers of imagination. Places with echoes and voices singing from beyond far pillars.

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