Cover Reveal: The Fiercest Fight, by Brent King

I love cover reveals, don’t you?

Brent KingToday I get the honor of revealing the cover for Brent King’s YA spec-fic novel, The Fiercest Fight which releases TODAY! *throws Amazon links all over the place* (Tweet this)

I’ve watched Brent slave away over this novel, forging through the fires of editing again and again and I’ve never been more impressed with an author’s determination. He’s passionate about his story, and the calling God’s placed on his life as an author.

Let’s get this party started, shall we? First things first. Here’s a little clip from The Fiercest Fight:

Blog - Excerpt

Nathan stood up and joined the pastor at the table. “What can we do? Can we remove the curse or at least control the beast?”

Pastor Mike leaned against the table and threw up his hands. “Have you both listened to my sermons all these years and missed the solution to evil?” His eyes sparkled, pulling up the corners of his mouth.

Tristan slouched lower in his seat. Nathan leaned toward the pastor, planting his hands in the middle of the table. “We listen, but sometimes we don’t understand.”

“I hear you.” Pastor Mike fingered the cross that hung from his neck again. “We spend a lifetime figuring out these things. The whole point of Christ’s death on the cross is to remove the curse. Evil, whether it’s a bad word or a monstrous beast,”—he held up the cross—”was defanged by the sacrifice on this cross.”

“Then why are we troubled by such a beast?” Tristan asked. “I’m a Christian. Why doesn’t God keep me from evil?” A Christian. Yeah, right. He knew better. He was a doubter—a hypocrite—a poser.

Pastor Mike returned to the comfort of his desk recliner. He eyed Tristan for a moment. “It’s true. The cross of Christ was the death-knell for evil, but enforcing that victory in each man’s life is another story. It is only through partaking of the Eucharist and continued acts of penance that we are united with Christ. This is a lifelong process. We will have evil to fight until we die. Until then, we must live with the beast.”

“Live with the beast?” Tristan’s breath whistled past his teeth as he took in a deep breath. “That’s easy for you to say. You don’t have a raving monster inside of you waiting to wreak havoc. It’ll be the death of me!” (Tweet this)

Pastor Mike leaned forward, and his voice was quiet and distinct. “That’s not true Tristan. We all struggle with the beast, some of us in smaller ways than others, but it’s the same creature. No sin is small.”

“So how do we fight this creature?” Nathan asked.

“You have both done the most important thing to protect yourselves when you accepted Christ. Your weapons beyond that are partaking in the Eucharist, confession, prayers, and obeying God’s Commandments. Those who endure in these things to the end will ultimately defeat evil.”

Tristan leaned forward and gripped the bridge of his nose between his fingers.

Nathan shook his head and grinned. “That’s not quite what I had envisioned as the antidote to a werewolf curse Reverend. You haven’t seen this beast! I think we’re going to need bigger guns.”

Pastor Mike eyed Nathan. “These things might seem weak, but Saint Paul says that the weakness of God is stronger than men and, I would add, stronger than werewolves. Don’t be fooled by familiarity.”

“Does this mean that following the church’s rites will save us?” Nathan slid back onto the table and swung his legs.

“Yes, even though, because of our weakness, we will continue to struggle, sometimes unsuccessfully, with evil.”

“You’re so incredibly encouraging!” Nathan said.

The color drained from Tristan’s face. He rose and skirted the pastor’s desk, stopping before the lancet window. He stared at Peter’s hand reaching up to Jesus through the tempest. “We’re not so good at walking on water. You’re going to have to help us Pastor Mike.”

Blog - The Author

Brent King is a freelance writer of Christian fantasy and historical fiction from Lake Oswego, Oregon. He also works as a massage therapistand health consultant.

Brent is a musician, a waterman, and has two sons, 19 and 22, who live in British Columbia, Canada. Brent’s first book, The Grip of Grace: God’s Hand in The Lord of the Rings, was published in January, 2014. He has also written two short stories, Lucifer’s Last Standand Tempting Jesus, published in September, 2013 and May, 2014 respectively.

Connect with Brent online!

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Blog - The Reveal


And now…for….THE COVER!


*dramatic music*


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The Fiercest Fight Cover


In the sleepy town of Astor Crossing, something evil stirs… Have you ever battled a beast? If so, you are not alone. Meet Tristan, a troubled teen who longs for a normal life, the very life that eludes him. When horror beyond his wildest nightmares confronts him, does Tristan have what it takes to survive? It will take all his resources—his wits, his mentors, and his will—to find the wisdom and resolve to win the fiercest fight of his life.


Brent is giving away a signed copy of his book. (Tweet this!) Enter using the Rafflecopter form below! 🙂

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So…what do you think of the cover? Does the story capture your interest? 🙂


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  1. The cover is beautiful!
    And the book sounds interesting. 🙂

  2. Very intriguing! I love how the slash marks cross over the guy’s face, revealing the “beast” behind the image. I am very curious and this type of book is not my normal choice. 🙂

    • Yes, I think the slash marks are one of the defining points of the cover. 🙂 This isn’t my typical book choice either, but I enjoyed it and will certainly recommend it to the youth readers who come to our house. 🙂

  3. Epic cover!! Looks like something I might enjoy! Love fantasy!!

  4. sierrafaith327

    This cover intrigues me!!! It makes me wanna go out and buy it right now!

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