Website Launch with a 5-Book Giveaway

Welcome to my new author and editor website! I couldn’t be more pleased that you’re visiting because, if you’re like me, when you create something you’re proud of you want to share it, right? That’s human nature and I desperately want to share this new step with you.

One way to share is through celebration! For the next six days I’m celebrating the fifth anniversary of my publisher, Marcher Lord Press.

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If you’ve been following my old blog, you know I had a week of voting via Pinterest and Facebook for which five books (out of the 38 options) should enter the giveaway. After almost 250 votes, here are the results!

Oxygen NumbAnnotated Firebird Amish Vampires in SpaceRestorer

Click on any of the pictures for a brief summary of the book. Then scroll down to enter to win one or all of these books. Please scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN. There are five separate Rafflecopters for you to enter—one for each book.  The giveaway will close at midnight on October 1st (Marcher Lord Press’s birthday). Winners will be announced on October 2nd and notified via e-mail.

Rafflecopter giveaway for Numb, by John W. Otte
Rafflecopter giveaway for Amish Vampires in Space, by Kerry Nietz

Rafflecopter for Oxygen, by John B. Olson & Randy Ingermanson

Rafflecopter giveaway for Book 5

Rafflecopter giveaway for The Annotated Firebird Trilogy, by Kathy Tyers


About Nadine Brandes

Nadine Brandes is an adventurer, fusing authentic faith with bold imagination. She never received her Hogwarts letter, but rest assured she’s no Muggle (and would have been in Ravenclaw House, thank you very much.) This Harry Potter super-nerd has been known to eat an entire package of Oreos (family size) by herself, and watches Fiddler on the Roof at least once a year. She writes about brave living, finding purpose, and other worlds soaked in imagination. Her dystopian trilogy (The Out of Time Series) challenged her to pursue shalom, which is now her favorite word (followed closely by bumbershoot.) When Nadine’s not taste-testing a new chai or editing fantasy novels, she and her knight-in-shining armor (nickname: “hubby”) are out pursuing adventures.

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  1. This is awesome! 🙂

  2. Very very cool Nadine! The site looks incredible. Congratulations.

    • Nadine Brandes

      Thanks, Clint. I couldn’t be more pleased or excited. It’s almost as good feeling as writing the last word on a book…almost. 😉

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