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What is a “Street Team”?


Hello friends, fans, and followers!

I’m literally jumping up and down thrilled to invite you to be a member of the Nadine Brandes Street Team! *happy dance* THIS is the group designed for people who are excited about my books and enthusiastic about spreading the word. You know who you are. 😛

They say the best way to spread the word about books (or anything…like chocolate!) is on a blue moped via word of mouth. Example: My sister after she read the Lunar Chronicles: “AHHH! You haven’t read these! Read them now! I’ll lend you my copy. Ask for it for Christmas, it’s amazing.

So I picked them up and am now a rabid fan. And I try to turn other people into rabid fans.

So that’s what I’m looking for in street team members. No, you don’t need to be rabid, but I hope that if you’re here, reading this…you sort of like me. And my books. 😉 So if you think a reader you know could enjoy a YA dystopian written by yours truly (or YA fantasy — coming soon!) and you’re willing to tell them then I’d like to invite you to join my street team!

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In the past, I’ve put together Launch Teams–and they were awesome!–but now I’m ready for something more permanent so that I’m not taking in applications every year and then waving sorrowful farewells when the launch ends. *blows nose* But since being on the street team is permanent (aka: you stay on it until you decide you’re sick of me and you want to leave. 😉 ) I want to be straight up with you and share what this entails.

Asking you to be rabid excited and vocal about my books in your day-to-day life is a lot. So, along with my immense gratitude, you’ll have a few other perks being a member of the Nadine Brandes Street Team.  For now, Street Team members can expect:

  • Acceptance into an exclusive Facebook group to share your thoughts, talk to me, and engage with other fans. (There is also an exclusive e-mail for those who don’t have Facebook.)
  • A drawing each book release month for a $15 Amazon gift card (TWO WINNERS)
  • Promotional materials to give out, to show your friends how awesome you are.
  • Promotional materials to keep for yourself, to remind yourself how awesome you are. 😉
  • Autographed copies of books, bookmarks, postcards, and more
  • Exclusive Q&A sessions or live “hangouts”

Still unclear as to what it takes to be a Nadine Brandes Street Team member? Here are some things that Street Team members are encouraged (not required!) to do. The #1 rule for members is: just do what you feel comfortable doing! Each little bit goes a long way. 🙂


  • Tell people you know about the books and share with friends & family to help spread the word.
  • Buy the books during the first week of release – this helps get books on bestseller lists.
  • Ask your local library to order my books, give the librarians the title, name, and link.
  • Leave promo materials at local book stores, coffee shops, or library – with permission!


  • Join in any big social pushes for releases or announcements.
  • Review the books as soon as possible at online retailers with your (honest) thoughts.
  • Feature interviews, reviews, excerpts or anything else on your blog, website, Facebook, etc…
  • Visit during online appearances like chats and blog tours.
  • Connect me with people you know who you think would be interested.

My goal in all of this is not to have a posse of rabid book-reading squirrels. (Though that’d be awesome.) I just want to share my excitement with you and connect with friends who like my books and want to help spread the word. If you’re interested in becoming a member of my Street Team, please fill out this Google form and join this Facebook group (if you have FB.) The Google form will put you on the Street Team mailing list & will let me send you special stuff, too!

Btw, I’m not an expert and you should expect changes to the perks and the team dynamics and things as I get to tweaking over the months and years. That’s it!

*hugs for the huggers* *high fives for the non-huggers*

THANK YOU for your support! Seriously…what would I do without you?





  1. Anna Bourassa

    My phone isn’t working too well here at work, but I’m interested in joining the Street Team…unfortunately I can’t even see what I’m typing. Technical problems :/

  2. I would love to be a member of your street team. I volunteer in my church library and have for 37 years. Thanks for considering me to be a member of your team.
    Janet E.

  3. *coming to the party late because she’s awful at keeping up with the writerly side of the internet* I join??? *puppy eyes*

  4. I just bought your book after seeing so many posts about it on different blogs that I follow. 🙂

    I loooove your writing style and your write presence. You feel very easy to talk to and approachable 🙂 You’re doing just wonderful.

    *devours book*

  5. Cool! I can’t wait to join! Hopefully very soon . . . . 😉 I’m my church librarian (perks of being a PK. XD), and I think your books would be a great addition. Thanks for having a street team!

  6. Just signed up! (well, alright – it was couple days ago. But who’s counting? 😀 )

  7. I’D LOVE TO SIGN UP, buuuuuut, my device has the form blocked… hopefully another one will be able to work! Hope to make it soon!

  8. cherryvillegirl

    Would this be something worthwhile for someone who hasn’t read your books yet, but really wants to? I would love to sign up, but I’m not sure if you need the team to have already sampled your work or not.

    • Hey!
      You don’t have to have read my books to join. 🙂 The Street Team is open to anyone who is excited to support me and my books, and to connect with fellow readers who do the same. <3

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