When I first started freelance editing, it was with a vision of providing affordable editing to the masses. I remember being a new author with my first manuscript, feeling lucky when I found a freelance editor to perform a comprehensive critique on my 120k word  manuscript for $700. It might as well have been a million dollars to me, but nowadays, a $700 edit would be a steal.

My editing vision and business took off immediately and I loved it. One year later, I received a job offer to work under Jeff Gerke as his apprentice. After some prayer and consideration, I accepted. This meant some changes to my current editing habits and prices…thus was born the SHALOM EDIT.

Blog - Shalom Edit #2How Does it Work?

  • Up to eight applicants are chosen per calendar year to receive an editorial review under my old pricing, which was 0.0035/word. (aka. 100,000 word manuscript = $350 USD)
  • 1- 2 applicants are chosen and notified every three months on March 1st, June 1st, Sep. 1st, & December 1st.
  • If your application is not chosen by the end of the year, you are welcome to apply again.
  • If your application is chosen, you will be notified and you may choose to have any amount of your manuscript edited under the original pricing. You do not have to commit to have your entire manuscript edited.

Who may apply?

The Shalom Edit is geared toward new authors, authors who have never had a professional edit before, authors on tighter budgets, authors with plans to self-publish, and pretty much any author to whom this edit would be a blessing. I leave it to your discretion.

How to apply?

Please fill out the form below.




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  2. Hey Nadine! Quick question for you! I want to submit my manuscript to you by Sept. 1st when you choose the applicant(s). When should I get my application turned in by so I could be part of the choosing? Thanks! 🙂

  3. Hello! I just wanted to clarify that last week’s submission is good for the whole year. Come January, I could apply again? Thanks! 🙂

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