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  1. I recently had the awesome privilege of Nadine editing my novel. I shared with her, when we first connected, that this was my first book and I loved it like a child. Not only did she assure me she understood my feelings, she treated my work, from beginning to end, with the utmost tender care and loving kindness. Her attention to my writer’s heart went beyond my expectations. Nadine’s editing skills and knowledge of market trends, along with her tactful honesty, perceptiveness and ability to challenge me to hone my craft, will bring me back to her over and over again. Thank you, Nadine, for doing what you do in the Christ-like way you do it!

  2. I had the privilege of Nadine’s excellent edits on my latest women’s fiction work. Her keen eye and ability to understand story helped to make some necessary changes that has improved this novel. She captured the essence of the characters and gently encouraged their deeper development. I was pleasantly surprised with her detailed and thorough feedback, and will consider her for future projects. Thanks, Nadine. God bless you for your Christ-centered work with both the words I’d written, and the way you helped make them stronger.

  3. I wasn’t prepared for the depth of insight Nadine showed in working with my young adult fantasy novel. I learned so much about plot arc and character development, and I’ll never regret the experience. Nadine is gentle, yet to the point. She’ll handle your masterpiece with care, but show you ways you can improve not only the manuscript, but how you look at writing. Thank you, Nadine. May God bless you many times over for the encouraging editor and friend are.

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