How to Self-Edit Your Manuscript: My Process

A frequent question I’ve received recently is “How do you self-edit?” mainly in regards to…how do I edit MY work? This question arose from some authors who where panicking curious about certain editing pictures I shared on Facebook: Questions I received in response to these pictures: “Do you do that every time?” – … Continue reading

13 Pieces of Advice for Your First Writers Conference

I’ve attended numerous writer’s conferences and taught at several. Every year, as “conference season” approaches, I get a little more giddy and excited. I went to my first conference as a teenager and realized from that moment how crucial they are to improving my craft if I wanted to take writing seriously. … Continue reading

8 Pieces of Advice for Writers

In every interview, I’m asked, “What’s your top piece of advice for writers?” It’s hard to narrow it down to just one thing, so I’ve put together a list of 8 pieces of advice I have for “new writers” (interpret the word “new” as you will.) 1. Go to a Writer’s … Continue reading

Writing Update: Can You Guess the Title of Book Two?

Today I’m having a Facebook party to announce the title of book two! About the party: The party is a relaxed get together on Facebook to both celebrate the six-month anniversary of A Time to Die and to announced the title of the second book in the Out of Time Series. There will be giveaways, … Continue reading

4 Types of Novelists — Which One Are You?

Are you a plot-first novelist or a character-first novelist? When I started off as a writer, these were the only two options presented to me. I was informed that spec-fic authors are usually plot first, so that’s what I labeled myself as. Yet…it never really fit. For some reason, I never … Continue reading

4 Types of Book Reviewers — Which One Are You?

We all have opinions about reviews, whether we’re readers, non-readers, authors, or editors. I’ve been lectured on how reviews should be, or which people should write reviews (and which people should not. EVER. write. them.), what main points each should cover, or how they should be simple and honest. I’ve been told that … Continue reading

My Author Story (Part 2) — When God Told Me Not to Write

This three-week series of sharing my author story, is in answer to Brent King’s question on my Ask Me Anything post: “I would be fascinated by your personal story…what fueled your passion for…writing and your desire to write.” Here is the author-side of that story. (You can read Part 1 here.)   I thought I … Continue reading

Should a Fiction Author Blog?

I’m a contracted author, which means my blog can no longer be simply an online journal. It needs purpose now, vision, poise, and professionalism, right? With a touch of humanness, of course. Many different words of advice have gone out about fiction authors blogging, or just blogging in general: Don’t … Continue reading