Dystopian Review: Hunger Games Series & Movies

  I waited to write a Dystopian Review of The Hunger Games trilogy until the last movie had come out. That way I could look at all angles of the story. And now….the saga has ended. The dust has settled. So here we go. The Hunger Games BOOK The first book was my introduction … Continue reading

Dystopian Review: BREEDER (Casey Hays)

Breeder is a Christian dystopian-type novel that’s a mixture of An Ember in the Ashes, Planet of the Apes, and The Village. (Tweet this) I discovered Breeder through the Speculative Faith library. I hadn’t heard of it and saw it was faith-based dystopian (hey! That’s my genre, too!) So, to give in … Continue reading

Dystopian Review: Matched, by Ally Condie

Matched, by Ally Condie, is dystopian lit for the younger reader. (Tweet this) Here’s the sitch: You (or your child/niece/sibling/friend/pet zombie) are 13-ish years old. You want to get in on this dying “dystopian trend,” but you don’t want the intense violence *cough* Hunger Games *cough* or super-kissy love interest *cough* … Continue reading

Dystopian Review: Ready Player One

Virtual reality is my new favorite genre, and it’s all because of this book. (Tweet this) Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline is one of those classic examples of an awesome book that requires a disclaimer before I recommend it to someone. This is usually what my recommendation sounds like: “Oh … Continue reading

Dystopian Review: The Choosing, by Rachelle Dekker

They say dystopian is dead. Maybe it is…in the general market of books, but in the CBA, it’s on the rise, which is why Rachelle Dekker’s new book, The Choosing, is getting a lot of hype. Naturally, being an author of dystopian fiction, I gobbled it up. Main Pros in The Choosing … Continue reading

Dystopian Review: The Maze Runner

After The Hunger Games changed the world of YA fiction, The Maze Runner was the first big YA dystopian book written, well, for boys. Naturally, people ate it up. It was a refreshing idea by a male author about a male character that didn’t involve “the big choice” (Hunger Games‘s “reaping” or Divergent‘s “decision … Continue reading

Dystopian Review: Divergent Series & Movies

I write dystopian fiction. That being said, it would make sense that I read and review dystopian fiction. So, on the last Wednesday of every month, I’m going to review a dystopian book or movie — both in the non-Christian and Christian market. This Wednesday, in light of the release … Continue reading