Help! Which Blog Series Do You Want To See Me Write?

I don’t really do “blog series”, but I’ve had a few ideas stewing in the back of my mind that I think would make for good short series. But I need your help! Read and vote, my friends, on which series of posts you think you’d enjoy most on my blog … Continue reading

Sometimes I Don’t Want to Blog *hides face*

Sometimes I don’t want to blog. Usually those “sometimes” come around when I’ve had about 4 hours of sleep, missed a writing deadline, babysat, got depressed about taxes, had 177 emails I haven’t responded to, and then had to stay up until midnight packing for a trip that I kind of … Continue reading

Should a Fiction Author Blog?

I’m a contracted author, which means my blog can no longer be simply an online journal. It needs purpose now, vision, poise, and professionalism, right? With a touch of humanness, of course. Many different words of advice have gone out about fiction authors blogging, or just blogging in general: Don’t … Continue reading