The SoCalCW Conference Just Landed On My “Favorites” List

Me to my calendar: “Hm…I think June will be a bit of a breather month.” My calendar: So…I spent half of June traveling to conferences and have only just returned home to write my next book on a very very looming deadline. But that’s how conference season always is and–despite the … Continue reading

Writing With God is Inconvenient – (2016 ACFW Conference Recap)

I’ve rewritten the start of this post at least six times, mainly because I don’t know which direction I should take when summing up this year’s ACFW Conference. Should I be goofy and talk about how I accidentally hugged a complete stranger (oops)? Should I be excited and mention how … Continue reading

Realm Makers Recap — a Pirate’s point of view.

Argh, matey. Thar be pirates about. If you follow even a single speculative-fiction author then you probably heard something about Realm Makers Conference. In fact, you’ve probably read 27 different Realm Makers recaps on 27 different blogs and you’re not sure you want another one. It’s kind of like when … Continue reading

Teaching at my First-Ever Writer’s Conference – I DIDN’T DIE.

Last week I taught at a writer’s conference for the first time. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you that. Maybe I should pretend that I do this all the time, it’s no big deal. But, frankly, it’s refreshing to be real and admit that it was my first time, it was not … Continue reading

My Summer Conference Plans (Will I See You?)

Many of you may have noticed I didn’t post on my usual Wednesday timeline. (Or, more likely, no one noticed and now I’ve pointed it out so now everything’s awkward.) I could say that’s because I studied algorithms and realized that Thursdays have a greater click-to-read turnaround. (Ha! As if. That sounds … Continue reading

Realm Makers 2015 Recap

I’ve attended eight writers conferences, but none of them left me reeling (in a good way) like Realm Makers did. There’s something freeing about being with 150 other people who get you. I felt like I entered a family reunion of best friends. In short: Realm Makers was home. (Tweet this) Fav quote … Continue reading

13 Pieces of Advice for Your First Writers Conference

I’ve attended numerous writer’s conferences and taught at several. Every year, as “conference season” approaches, I get a little more giddy and excited. I went to my first conference as a teenager and realized from that moment how crucial they are to improving my craft if I wanted to take writing seriously. … Continue reading

8 Pieces of Advice for Writers

In every interview, I’m asked, “What’s your top piece of advice for writers?” It’s hard to narrow it down to just one thing, so I’ve put together a list of 8 pieces of advice I have for “new writers” (interpret the word “new” as you will.) 1. Go to a Writer’s … Continue reading