2016, You’re Done. 2017…Here I Come.

Last year I skipped the whole 2016 wrap-up + 2017 goals post. I love reading other people’s resolutions and it’s about time I did one of my own again. (Actually, I think I skipped only last year, so really it hasn’t been that long since I did this.) So . . . did … Continue reading

Who Else Has a Hard Time Believing?

Several years ago, I was listening to the radio station and the host of the hour said that instead of New Year’s resolutions she liked to pick a word. A word to dwell on or define her year. I thought that was kind of cool. I mean, I like words. 😝 … Continue reading

Teaching at my First-Ever Writer’s Conference – I DIDN’T DIE.

Last week I taught at a writer’s conference for the first time. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you that. Maybe I should pretend that I do this all the time, it’s no big deal. But, frankly, it’s refreshing to be real and admit that it was my first time, it was not … Continue reading

ADVENTURING AUTHOR: Bermuda, Bahamas, Come On Pretty Mamma

Beach Boys. Anyone? Anyone? No? *sigh* As you might have seen this month’s newsletter, hubby and I will be taking a cruise to Bermuda next week! So if you never hear from us again, know that we’re exploring the Bermuda triangle and have probably disappeared to another realm (I’ve put in a … Continue reading

Do You Remember to Look Back?

Tomorrow is hubby’s and my 4th anniversary. *throws confetti* It doesn’t sound like that long but we have done so much in that short amount of time — much more than we ever imagined we’d do. Every year for our anniversary, I give him a framed photo of us that lists … Continue reading

What Are You Passionate About?

Fall 2006, I sat down, nervously, in my Theology I class at Biola University. I’d heard about this professor. He was one of the best…and the hardest. I was ready to find out why. I expected to be handed a syllabus — it was the first class, after all. I anticipated the … Continue reading

10 Adventurous Things I’ve Done for Novel Research

Authors are crazy. If we’re not talking to the voices in our heads, then we’re out doing things that normal humans don’t usually do voluntarily. (i.e. hunting zombies.) I’m a firm believer in real experiences. As thrilling as it is to create new world or send characters on adventures, it’s … Continue reading